Divorce attorneys have revealed that comedian Steve Harvey had been accused by his ex-wife Mary Harvey for brutally assaulting their 11 year old boy. However, recent developments have proved otherwise and the actor is now walking away, free of all charges. In incident has now been reserved in a police report.

A Lying Son

It so happened that Steve received a call from the school of his son informing him that he had lied in school about his homework. According to Mary, their son claimed that once he got home, Steve first hit him with a belt and then with a paddle board.

Out of Control

Divorce lawyers who were following the case have also revealed that the cops took pictures of the injuries of the boy and that bruises were visible on his right thigh and his buttocks. There were cut marks on his leg as well. The police report also said that the boy had stated that the beating was so voracious and brutal that he had trouble urinating for several days. Subsequently, the matter was referred to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

So she married a violent man?

However, attorneys representing Steve in the case told divorce lawyers that the child does not appear to be under any further risks and that the case has been closed. However, Mary continues to believe that this is indeed a cover up. And, she has been campaigning relentlessly against her former husband for several years with an aim towards exposing him.

No Credibility

However, the judge finally states that he had simply had enough and that Mary had violated the protective order that was issued in the case. She was hence sent for 30 day custody before further action. The judge explained that she had leaked vital information about the case, to the media. As a divorce attorney friend observed, she might have done so for leveraging maximum advantage from the incident in defaming Steve. However, her ply has now gone against her own self.

So what really happened to their son?