Actor Stephen Collins’ divorce has been the stuff of gossip newspapers for a while now. Finally, the actor has decided to break his silence on the topic and talk about the divorce and the molestation stories that surfaced around early October courtesy Collins’ wife, Faye Grant and her divorce attorneys.

The actor released a lengthy statement to the People Magazine and he has also agreed to a sit-down chat with Yahoo and ABC’s Katie Couric. The actor will reportedly confess to all the crimes that he has been charged of―including touching a young girl who was below the legal age and of exposing himself to two others (ok, that is strange for sure!).

Interview will reveal the truth says actor

Faye Grant has been holding the tapes in which Collins had confessed to his crimes to a marriage counselor as a sword over his head. But with this move, the actor hopes that coming clean will help him erase that threat and make the future easier. Collins who is now 67 says that he is deeply regretful of what he did forty years ago. He also said that he had been working on atoning his actions ever since. By addressing these issues now in public, the actor hopes to reveal the truth about his sexual misconducts which happened years ago.

Tell-all discussion to clear air over misdeeds

Grant made the recordings of Collins’ confessions in the therapist’s room without either his or the therapist’s knowledge. The tapes were made public two months ago and Collins is afraid that the tapes have made him even more of a monster than he ever was by making people presume that a lot more worse happened than was recorded on those tapes. Collins also says that he wondered whether it would be right to make amends by apologizing to the women he had hurt years ago directly now. But his main purpose in coming clean is to help people know his side of the story and clear the air over what actually happened.

Collins says he wants to apologize

The actor says that he did apologize to one of the women he had misbehaved with fifteen years after the crime occurred. He said that she was extremely gracious and forgiving about the whole incident. Collins has been receiving therapy for a while now, and he says that he learnt during his counseling sessions how approaching these women directly could hurt them even more and bring up old wounds. And so he decided to take the indirect route to say a heartfelt sorry for his actions. One of the women Collins is accused to have molested in now 50, the other is in her 30s.

No news of arrest

The actor’s divorce trial is set for January and has been twice delayed already. When news of the tapes broke out earlier in October, there was much speculation whether Collins would be arrested for his alleged crimes. Police authorities were even supposed to be looking into the matter. However, nothing concrete has come from that end, and Collins’ divorce attorneys are also silent about whether this will lead to an arrest or not.

Collins’ interview will air this Friday on Yahoo!