Divorce is a difficult time for most couples going through the process and that hardship is only compounded by the challenging and complex legislation that surrounds it. This is especially true for spouses who have been married long term and have children. There are all sorts of issues that arise with a divorce, ranging from child custody to alimony, spousal support, asset division, tax separation, and much more.

As you can probably imagine, all of this takes a lot of time and effort to resolve. The problem is that when you are in court for a long time trying to settle these issues or find some middle ground with your spouse, legal court fees keep adding up and makes the whole process even more stressful.

This is precisely why it is a magnificent idea to invest in a legal counselor who will save you time and money and also be a pillar of emotional and moral support when you need it most.

Let us take a look at some of the ways in which St. Louis, MO divorce lawyers attempt to make the process as smooth as possible and there is no better law firm in this part of the state than The Behrens Law Firm, LLC. The Behrens Law Firm, LLC knows how to win cases and they have a long list of satisfied clients.


Mediation is undeniably one of the most civilized ways to deal with a divorce. In fact, unless there have been instances of domestic violence and things have escalated to something really nasty, we would always suggest that you go with a mediated divorce.

Mediation may involve the hiring of a third party mediator depending on the situation. Your Missouri divorce attorney will determine the best option. For the most part, a mediator is a neutral person who will help get the two spouses to come together as sensible adults and find some middle ground where both can benefit. Mediators are professionals who have been through some training and are unbiased and have no vested interest in the outcome of the divorce.

Now you can see mediation in action from a comical standpoint if you watch the show Anger Management with Charlie Sheen who plays Charlie Goodson. Now Charlie Goodson is an anger management therapist who in one episode had to work with a prisoner who was incarcerated for decades for something he did not do.

Now this prisoner was named Will (John Witherspoon) who needed some advice on how to deal with the outside world. Charlie was able to help him out and set him on his way. Charlie was the mediator here. In a divorce case, a mediator will help bridge the gaps between two divorce factions. Hopefully there is not too much animosity involved.


In some states where it is allowed, the legal professionals representing the couple may agree to send the case to arbitration. Similar to how a mediator is involved in mediation, arbitration requires the involvement of a family law expert. The legal representatives of the two spouses make their arguments, present their evidence, and state what they are seeking from the divorce for their clients.

The family law expert essentially takes both accounts into consideration and applies the law in effect in the state and reaches verdict.

Other ways to conclude a divorce

St. Louis, MO divorce lawyers point out that there are some such as Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) where the judge is spoken to informally by both parties in the divorce, settlements (is when the spouses come to an agreement that is mutual and settle the divorce by themselves out of court), Motion Practice (where most of the aspects of the case is settled internally and those that cannot be settled are only motioned to a judge for ruling).

Divorce laws are complex which makes it a daunting task for a couple going through a divorce to do so on their own. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you hire a Missouri divorce lawyer to take care of the legal issues and make sure you receive a fair settlement and this should be from The Behrens Law Firm, LLC. If you think your marriage is drying up you need to call up The Behrens Law Firm, LLC. They will know what you need to do to make sure your divorce does not end up costing you more than it should.