A South Carolina House committee has given its okay for a bill that will reduce the waiting time for a no fault divorce from a year to 150 days. This means that couples who want to go their separate ways without citing adultery or anything else will have to wait only 150 days before the decree becomes final if this bill becomes law. Each state in the country has a different waiting period with some having no waiting time at all and other having a one year waiting period.

South Carolina Encourages Divorce it Seems

Critics of this bill say South Carolina is making it easier for people to get divorced. Why do they not make people attend a pre-marriage class to reduce the number of divorces? Though why even have a divorce waiting period at all? There are other people who say essentially that.

The main question is, why allow two people to get married who barely know each other?

The Purpose

The waiting time is intended to facilitate reconciliation, help the divorcing couple finalize child custody or financial agreements, and so on. However, many people say that if a couple have decided to divorce, they are unlikely to reconcile and a quicker divorce might be less traumatic for all concerned, including the children.

If you are planning to divorce, you need to retain a divorce lawyer who will advise you on the waiting period in your state. The lawyer will also help you to ensure that your rights regarding child custody, joint property, and so on are protected during the divorce proceedings. A divorce is emotionally difficult and a lawyer who is retained to protect your rights will help you take the right decisions regarding division of property and other assets as well as negotiate child custody.

Nothing Missed

Some divorcing couples with pets also need legal help to resolve their pet custody disputes. A divorce professional who is retained to represent you will be able to negotiate with your spouse and also vet any and all agreements that you sign as part of the divorce proceedings. This will ensure that you do not miss out on your rights because of the emotional stress that a divorce brings.