Earlier this week, conservative author and history professor Ryan MacPherson addressed the issue of the exponential rise in no-fault divorce rates throughout the country. He said that the legislation had torn apart millions of families and blamed religious and political conservatism, as reported by Christian Post.

In his speech which was made before the rest of the Family Research Council panel members, he insinuated that conservative politicians deserved blame for passing legislation which allowed couple’s to become legally separated without having to prove any wrong-doing on their spouse’s part. He also discredited liberal theologians, divorce attorneys, and state laws for passing the nations initial no-fault divorce law in the state of California. He said this single bill was tremendously influential and pressurized other states to follow suit and allow such atrocious and ill-logical divorces.

California was the first state to adopt no-fault divorce laws

According to MacPherson, when Governor Ronald Reagan signed the bill allowing no-fault divorces in the state of California in 1970, he essentially subjected American families and couples to the already existing legislation in the Soviet Union. After California’s acceptance of no-fault divorce, other states followed quickly, just ten years later, thirty six (36) other states had also adopted the no-fault divorce law and by the year 2010, there was not a single state in the entire nation which did not recognize no-fault divorces.

According to MacPherson, he says the law had single handedly ripped apart societies by sending women into poverty, children into depression, and men into losing custody off their children. He said over the years, the law has had a tremendously negative effect on the American way of life and is in favor of banning the practice.

MacPherson called on present and potential future legislators and divorce attorneys to reform the divorce laws in effect currently. He said there was still a good chance for the country to recover from the harms caused by such incompetent state laws which were passed despite insufficient research and reason.

What is causing divorces among the low-income segment?

According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, almost 80 out 100 women said that the number one thing that they looked for in a man was whether or not he had a steady job. In second, came the concept of having similar ideologies when it came to raising children.

According to one researcher, the trend of men and women seeking partners that are able to provide financial support to each other and are able to divide domestic responsibilities equally has affected the low-income population adversely.

People that don’t make big bucks find it extremely hard to live up to such ideal relationship standards which causes discontent, a general feeling of sadness, and eventually leads to divorce, as per a Ktar.com report. Not even the fantastic divorce attorneys on the site USAttorneys.com can do anything about this.

The researcher also claimed that women were currently faring better than men under the current financial weather. He said that women had bounced back from the recession stronger and were graduating with degrees at higher rates than their male counterparts and ergo were becoming steadily more frustrated and were unsatisfied with what men were bringing to the table. Well, part of this reason is that male heavy industries have been hit hard by the Obama administration. A ban on off shore drilling, no Keystone pipeline, many states not authorizing oil shale access has curbed many professional opportunities that are ideally suited for men.

The Dodd/Frank bill which has hurt small businesses has not helped either.

What you need to know about Kentucky divorce laws

According to Lexington KY divorce attorneys, a couple can file a divorce petition if they state under oath that their marriage was irretrievably broken. The court will make a finding as to whether this is a reality and may also order a conciliation conference. For parties that request a decree of legal separation, the court will grant the decree which shall at the request of either party convert the decree of the resolution of the marriage after one year of entry of a decree of legal separation.