Popular networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram are marvelous when it comes to connecting people and helping them keep in touch and stay updated with what’s going on around them and with what their friends up to, as per a CBS12 report. But for some, the convenience has become an inconvenience, a large number of users become addicted and obsessed with these websites and mobile applications.

Grown adults who are weak minded

One such Facebook junkie is Shari. She knows all too well how insidious the problem is, where before you know it you are hooked. Shari, a married mother of two is now divorced and she blames Facebook for ruining her marriage. Many other people believe she is weak and does not understand the concept of personal responsibility which is not unlike Hillary Clinton. But Shari cannot delete a bunch of emails and get away with anything.

By her own confession, she would spend nearly 4-5 hours a day every day while she should have been doing more important things like cooking and taking care of the children. This may be hard case to make even for the innovative attorneys on USAttorneys.com.

Shari says her addiction had gotten so bad that her online friend base had grown to 5,000 friends and she also had thousands of people following her. The majority of these people were complete strangers to her in real life.

As a result of spending so much time on Facebook, she started chatting with old friends, and old boyfriends. When her husband found out, understandably, he was not a happy camper. The couple began to argue all the time and eventually he consulted a divorce attorney and filed for divorce. What is really scary and goes to prove the magnitude of the problem is the fact that despite being aware of the negative impact that social media has had on her life, Shari is still hopelessly addicted.

Don’t for a second be mistaken into thinking that Shari is one of a kind, she is only one victim of what is rapidly becoming an ever growing issue. According to a CensusWide survey, nearly one in every seven divorces stem from problems related to social media.

Appeals court overturns lower court’s verdict in same-sex divorce case

CBS Local reports that earlier this week, an appeals court ruled that a lesbian couple that got married in Massachusetts should be allowed to get divorced in Florida. Specifically, the case was that of Danielle Brandon – Thomas and Krista Brandon – Thomas. The couple wed in 2012 and moved to the state of Florida soon after.

Danielle filed for divorce in 2013 in Florida through her divorce attorney. Her spouse, Krista challenged the divorce. When the issue went to a Circuit Court in Lee County, the judge tossed the divorce out saying that same sex marriages were not recognized in Florida and hence a same sex divorce would be out of the question.  Danielle appealed the verdict and fortunately for her, the appellate court backed the divorce.

What the courts of Ohio take into consideration when it comes to the custody of minors during/after divorce

According to divorce attorneys, the court essentially rules as laid down in the State Legislation when it comes to custody of minor’s after the dissolution of a marriage. The things that come into play are – the intentions of the parents (whether they agree on custodial issues or not), the wishes of the children and other things but most importantly, the judge weighs different factors and makes a decision with the best interest of the children in mind.

Divorce attorneys say that in sole custody entail whichever parent is declared the sole custodian will become the child’s legal custodian when it comes to matters of education, religion, discipline, and so on. However, the sole custodian parent should inform the other parent of all major decisions even though they do not need to seek permission or approval of the other parent before making these decisions.