Social media has become a way of life for many, it is omnipotent, a way to kill time, keep in touch with old friends, a great resource to network, an ad space, a platform to show off how witty and hip you are, a cyber-reflection of yourself (the you that you want people to see you) and many other things.

Like everything else in this world, it comes with a side dish of unpleasantries – stalking, privacy concerns, identity theft, phishing, online scams, and many other innovative evils. But, did you know that it also causes divorces? Yes! The ramifications of what you post may translate into a divorce certificate if you do not tread carefully.

Your virtual self is not really you

As reported by Digital Trends, a recent survey has revealed that as many as one in every seven people in the United Kingdom have considered getting divorced based on their significant other’s social media related activities. What activities could be so repulsive you ask? Well, for starters, there are guys out there constantly liking and leaving comments on pictures of scantily clad women (usually fitnessbikini models).

What are these guys thinking?? First, it’s not like the supermodel will get on the next plane to come sweep you off your feet just because you liked her photo and secondly, everyone can see how desperate and perverted you are, everyone including your wife! It is pathetic really – this model may not even read what you say and even if she did, is that enough for her to ever seek you out?! Even the fantastic attorneys that are found on the wonderful site are not going think this strategy will ever merit anything.

The problem is not unique to just the U.K, divorce attorneys in America say they have seen a surge of cases in recent years where a spouse approaches them wanting divorce for something their partner had done on social media. Social media is here to stay. The only thing you can change is how much time you spend on it and what you do on it. Don’t let something so trivial take away the love of your life.

Actor Richard Gere heading for divorce

According to Inquisitor, the actor and his former wife Carey Lowell seemed rather respectful and courteous to each other but supposedly, the good behavior was only a formality, a fake front. Things got a little hot under the collar once the couple was behind closed doors with the family court judge. The actor is understandably upset as he may lose millions of dollars. According to a pie in the sky, the pair is no longer compatible. Gere apparently enjoys meditating while his wife, in total contrast, wants to turn up the music and party all night long.

No prenup Richard! Guess not…..

Sources that had established contact with Lowell’s divorce attorney say that she is looking to get a minimum of $100 million out of the divorce. The couple went their separate ways in 2013. They have a 15-year old son named Homer together.

403b basics

403b is essentially to government employees, workers for nonprofit organizations, and educational organizations what a 401k is for other people. It is basically a plan which presides in matters of martial property allocation during a divorce proceeding. Both spouses have certain rights when splitting this plan, to stay updated and make sure you are not left high and dry it would be best to consult a divorce attorney for a more in depth understanding of the plan and your rights you can exercise as far as the plan is concerned.