Ryan Adams and wife to split on mutual consent

The latest celebrity divorce that is the talk of the town is that of singer and song writer, Ryan Adams. Radar Online had reported that Ryan’s wife, Mandy had filed for divorce in Los Angeles. But according to a latest report in HollywoodLife.com, both of them filed for divorce on the same day. On the day the divorce petition was filed, Ryan was doing the Late Late Show with Judd Apatow in Los Angeles.

Ryan Adams

They have been married for six years, and have no children. A joint statement was released to HollywoodLife.com stating that the decision to part ways was mutual and it has been an amicable process.

Ryan, being a private person, had refused to discuss the divorce earlier in an interview in September. Both Ryan and Mandy prefer to keep the divorce details private and have requested the media to respect their privacy.

Caan files for divorce the third time

The Godfather star, James Caan has done it again. He wants to end his marriage to his wife of 18 years, Linda Stokes, and has filed for divorce for the third time. He had filed earlier in 2005 and 2009, but the cases were dismissed since the couple reconciled on both occasions.

Caan wants joint custody of his son, Jacob who is 16 years old. The couple also have a 19 year old son, James.

Irreconcilable differences have been cited by the 74 year old actor, according to the divorce petition which also states that he would not financially support Linda. Did he sign a pre-nup? Was he married in California? These are all factors on whether or not the wealthier side supports the other after the breakup.

A unique divorce battle between business owners

In a unique divorce battle, there are three defendants, with the business angle coming into the picture.

Michal had filed for divorce in 2009 against her husband, Benny Tal, who she was married to for 20 years.

Benny was the co-owner of a 60 space parking garage business he ran in lower Manhattan with his two partners, Khoukhachvili and Heletz. Complications started when one of the partners, Khoukhachvili, refused to cooperate with the court which had appointed an accountant to look into the books of their company, Kura River Management. Queens Supreme Court Judge Allan Weiss said he suspected tax evasion, since the company made huge profits so they can be rewarded for the risks they took to run a business and higher employees but did not declare the right amount of income.

Divorce attorney, Michael Stutman, said that most of the divorce cases that involved the spouse’s business partners did go on smoothly.

Apparently, the partners cheated Benny out of his $1.6 million share and gave him only $250,000. An arrest warrant was issued since Benny ran away with that money. He was later found at a friend’s house. Benny claimed that he had spent all the cash in some bad investments.

Judge Weiss ordered that the partners should become defendants in the case after Michal filed a separate suit against the partners in 2013 for $7 million fraud. Michal said that she was left with neither a home nor any money .The third business partner, Shalon Heletz, planned to deny Michal her share in the business, according to Judge Weiss’s decision.

Divorce attorney for the defendants said that the allegations were baseless.