Singer Michelle Branch and Teddy Landau are headed for splitsville, according to the reports in The People.  Michelle filed for divorce in February this year, although the couple has been living apart since January last year. Divorce attorneys have not been hired by Michelle, according to the TMZ, which goes to suggest that the divorce may be amicable.

Irreconcilable differences are the reason for the divorce, according to Michelle.

The couple got married in 2004 when Michelle was 20 and her husband was 39. What the?! Michelle’s parents were not happy with the fact that there was a huge age gap between them and the fact that Landau was a musician, since they did not want her to marry a musician, according to the interview Michelle gave to People in 2006. Divorce attorneys say that both Michelle and Landau are seeking joint custody of their 9 year old daughter, Owen Isabelle. Reports suggest that Michelle has been seen around with a Los Angeles rock band, Dead Sara’s bassist Chris Null.

Planning the divorce process saves unnecessary costs say experts

Experts, including Los Angeles divorce attorneys believe the process of divorce can take a toll which includes the financial and emotional well-being of a person. The key to survival is to identify the appropriate experts who can help with the process or just talk to a priest and your family and friends.

Branch probably should have listened to her folks.

Hire a skilled accountant

Hiring a skilled accountant would help save you some expenses when in the midst of a divorce, especially when large sums of money are at stake in a divorce settlement. Valuing the assets would save court time while an out of court settlement when all assets are properly valued will be much cheaper than a court battle, according to divorce insiders.

An impartial accountant, who looks at both parties objectively and does an accurate assessment of the assets involved, may eliminate the need for further litigation, and help save costs and stress.

Obtaining a reasonably accurate estimate of the costs involved from divorce attorneys, in filing and fighting the divorce battle is paramount to knowing how to deal with the costs. Many lawyers do not give the correct estimate and may quote something modest, because if the clients understand the actual costs involved, they may look for cheaper attorneys. But that fee would not take care of all the costs involved in the process, many Los Angeles divorce lawyers believe.

Avoid unnecessary court battles

There are some attorneys who encourage their clients to fight unnecessary litigations just to make more money.  An emotionally vulnerable client would be drawn into the idea sold by the attorney that he or she would ensure the spouse is destroyed at the end of the legal battle.

Experts believe billing by the hour is often a waste of money. You would end up paying more for an inefficient or undesirable attorney for an end result that can be achieved faster by a competent Los Angeles divorce attorney.

To attain emotional help and support, it is important to consult a professional counselor. An experienced divorce coach could also help deal with the emotional trauma so that important decisions about financial matters can be made with a clear mind. If not this, your account, attorney, family, and friends should suffice. But it you want to save yourself from messing up your life, just do not marry someone who is twenty years older than you and perhaps not on your same level in all sorts of ways.