New York, NY- After nearly four months of negotiations, Lauren Silverman who is expecting Simon Cowell’s child, has finalized her divorce from husband Andrew Silverman, just in time for her to tie the knot with one of the most hated talent show judges on TV.

Divorce proceedings for the Silvermans began in August of this year after rumors surfaced that Lauren was pregnant with Simon Cowell’s child. Unfortunately, people cheat on each other all the time, but what made this scandalous was that Cowell and Andrew Silverman were close friends. Cowell and the Silvermans frequently vacationed together spending many weekends on Cowell’s yacht, presumably before the affair started— it should be no surprise that she stepped out on her marriage since studies show that women are more than or just as likely to cheat as men.

Even though Andrew was understandably livid with his estranged wife and former friend, he still agreed to meet with Cowell in early August, presumably to discuss the upcoming divorce, the New York Daily News reported.

The bro talk apparently worked since just days after the secret meet, Andrew announced he and Lauren, who have a 7 year-old son, would have an amicable divorce.

When Andrew filed for divorce he named Cowell in the suit, accusing Lauren of “cruel and inhumane treatment.” Sources told the Daily News that Cowell was going to fight to have his named removed from court documents.

People close to Silverman accused Lauren of being a gold digger and said getting pregnant with Cowell’s baby is way for her to keep the money flowing. Andrew, a real estate mogul, is worth $95 million, according to Forbes, but that doesn’t even come close to Cowell’s net worth of $380 million.

It took then estranged Silvermans a few months to hash out the final details of their divorce settlement, but they reached an agreement today.

The newly divorced couple will have joint custody of their son, and she will reportedly get $ 2 million out of the settlement—that’s probably not as much as she was hoping for, but who knows, maybe she isn’t a gold digger after all. It’s not like she’ll and her child will ever want for anything seeing as Cowell is worth almost three-times more than her ex.

Sources have said now that Lauren is a free woman, Cowell will pop the question but he will probably wait until after the baby is born.

As for the baby, who hopefully will have a better demeanor than his father, is due in February, and Lauren will soon have her first baby shower in Los Angeles.

The Silvermans managed to do what many divorcing couples fail to do, they negotiated an amicable settlement. Estranged couples often find it hard to avoid a fighting amongst themselves when one of them feels wronged. When a couple cannot negotiate with each other, their divorce attorneys can be the key to resolving a contentious split and helping them arrive at a fair settlement and custody agreement.