Former New York Gov. Eliot Sptizer is just one of many politicians caught having an affair outside his marriage. He resigned as governor in 2008 after admitting he had routinely hired prostitutes. Five years later, Silda Spitzer is privately telling friends she plans to divorce her cheating husband.

Multiple sources reveal that long-suffering Silda — who, Eliot recently admitted, will not be joining him on the campaign trail — “has had enough” and plans to start divorce proceedings after his run for New York City comptroller is over.

Eliot has shrugged off questions about rumors his wife will divorce him after the election. However, when asked why his wife was not with him on his campaign trail, he replied, “No other member of my family is running for office. And I think the public is going to judge me, not who else is with me or not with me. [Silda’s] got a career. There are other things I think the public appreciates — I’m out here fighting every day for them.”

The New York Post’s Page Six exclusively revealed in May that the Spitzers were living apart, with Eliot staying at 800 Fifth Ave. — less than 20 blocks from the home he shared with Silda at 985 Fifth. Spitzer spokeswoman Lisa Linden stated that Eliot and Silda, were “still a couple,” and he had not permanently moved out of their marital home.

Eliot and Silda, who had met during their third year of law school, were married on October 17, 1987 in a civil ceremony performed by U.S. district judge Robert Sweet at the Central Park Boathouse in New York City.

When asked about the divorce rumors, Linden stated, “Eliot is running for comptroller on his record and the issues. We will not comment on the absurd barrage of stories about his personal life.”

It is not believed that Silda has yet hired divorce lawyers.

A very private person, Silda has never commented on Eliot’s patronizing of prostitutes or their marriage. But multiple sources say she is unhappy with his decision to reenter politics, thrusting their relationship back into the public spotlight.