MIAMI, Florida. In the age of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, more couples are signing social media prenuptial agreements. According to Time, these agreements cover everything from what can and cannot be posted online and what can and cannot be discussed online should the marriage go south.

Why would you want to include a social media clause in your prenuptial agreement? Social media has a greater impact on our lives than ever before. Potential employers may look at your social media account to determine whether they want to hire you. New dating partners and even friends might judge you based on what they can find on your social media history. Having a social media clause in your prenuptial agreement can not only protect your privacy and your reputation, but it can also protect your career.

According to the Miami Herald, some couples are using social media prenuptial agreements to ensure that nothing negative is shared about the relationship online. If a person in the marriage violates the prenuptial agreement, the other person could face a high fine. While it is generally not a good idea to post on social media during a divorce, having these clauses in your prenuptial agreement can serve as an even stronger deterrent. While local laws may protect you from revenge porn postings, there are other types of postings that fall into a gray area. For example, some prenuptial agreements include bans on posting photos of the other person drunk, asleep, or in a bathing suit. Everyone’s idea of what’s embarrassing is different, so a prenuptial agreement can help clarify what your personal boundaries are.

While the hope is that couples have already discussed these boundaries and limits before they get married, a prenuptial agreement can help solidify these decisions.

Another area where couples can set strict boundaries involves social media surrounding the children. Some couples have a no-tolerance policy. No photos of the children online period. While others might allow a few cute family photos. These discussions are best had before you get married.

That said, according to Time, the way couples interact on social media can be important red flags about trouble with the marriage. Are you invisible to your partner online? Partners who cheat may have clauses that limit how much information they’ll divulge online about the marriage. Does your partner ignore your requests when you ask him or her to not post that bathing suit picture? This could be a sign of deeper trust and respect issues.

Prenuptial agreements offer excellent opportunities to discuss finances and other matters that couples sometimes don’t broach before marriage. We can help you cover all the bases—from matters of finance to personal privacy concerns that can arise. Visit us at to learn more.

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