Staten Island, NY- When a couple decides to marry, one of the farthest things from their minds is divorce and what a tough process it is going to be if their marriage doesn’t work out. No one wants to think about a breakup when they are in love, but nearly half of all couples will learn about the ugly reality that is divorce. A long and emotional and acrimonious divorce can be prevented with one document, the prenuptial agreement. Here our team of divorce lawyers in New York will share why a prenuptial is a good idea for any couple that plans on marrying.

Makes asset division easier- Asset division can become very acrimonious and an issue that divorcing couples find difficult to resolve. Because divorce is an emotional ordeal, couples find it hard to negotiate fairly and overcome their difference, so asset division can draw out a divorce.

A prenuptial can include any provisions you want, so you and your fiancé can include details on how to divide any major assets you acquire during your marriage. A prenuptial agreement gives a couple the opportunity to resolve this issue during less tumultuous.

Helps prevent a child custody battle- Child custody is typically the hardest issue of a couple to resolve. Couples understandably struggle over this issue but including child custody in a prenuptial can dispense with the fighting and arguing. It’s much easier to decide on the appropriate arrangement and support amount at a time when both parties can be more reasonable. Of course, a couple can change their mind about primary custody, visitation, and support and change their prenuptial whenever they like.

Prenuptials are rarely challenged- Another benefit of a prenuptial agreement is the fact they are uncontested. Prenuptials are legally binding agreements in the eyes of New York’s divorce court, so they typically enforced. A prenuptial can be challenged but is a difficult process and is generally unsuccessful. However, if the demands in the agreement are considered unconscionable or unreasonable a court may decide to ignore it.

Prenuptial agreements help a couple make the tough decisions before they are the middle of a divorce. It’s much easier to come up with an agreement when both parties aren’t hurt and angry. A prenuptial won’t take all the pain out your divorce, but it will alleviate some of it and lead to a speedier resolution. USAttorneys can connect you with an attorney to explain how a prenup can make your divorce easier if it comes to that.

If you are unsure of whether to have an attorney write up a prenuptial, USAttorneys urges you to contact a divorce lawyer in Staten Island to answer your questions and help you decide if you will benefit from having a prenuptial agreement.