Brooklyn, NY – Because divorce can be such a stressful and life changing experience, many couples will make attempts to salvage their marriage before formally filing for divorce. Marriage counseling is one of the most common ways that couples try to work through their problems. However, if it seems that this will not work, each spouse should retain their own attorney and prepare to separate through the legal process. Preparation for a divorce can make the situation more tolerable. 

What is marriage counseling?

When people speak of marriage counseling that is associated with a possible divorce, they are usually talking about a specific type of couples therapy or counseling. This is essentially a type of therapy where the couple works together to identify problems that are creating friction and arguments and try to find solutions. The therapist will have some kind of specialized education and training, and there are organizations that offer credentials to marriage counselors and therapists who meet their professional standards.  

After a certain amount of time has passed and the process has been exhausted, the couple may choose to remain together with the ideas and skills they learned through the counseling process, or they may realize that it is best to end their marriage. 

Specific reasons for marriage counseling

The need for counseling is often triggered by certain events that cause conflict. This can be due to serious differences in parenting styles or issues raising children together, infidelity, substance abuse problems that affect one or both spouses, or feelings of constant resentment and arguing. Unfortunately, if these problems are present, it often means that the relationship is already in serious trouble. Some couples may be able to use the counseling process to work through these problems and remain in a relationship, although it is just as likely that the two people have already drifted too far apart to reconcile. 

Does a couple need counseling?

Couples need to decide on an individual basis whether they think there is a realistic chance of saving their marriage or not. If there is, it may be worth investing in counseling services for a certain period of time to see if any progress can be made. Some jurisdictions will recommend that a couple at least try the counseling process before they contact a divorce attorney and formally file to end their marriage through the family courts.  

Help from a divorce lawyer

When it is apparent that a marriage will end, a licensed attorney in the Brooklyn area can assist with the divorce process. Elliot Green is available to provide guidance through all the procedures necessary to begin and finalize a divorce. 

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