Anger Management actor Charlie Sheen has not been in news for the best reasons lately. His divorce proceedings have been steadily hitting rough weather and the custody of his children has become the main point of contention. Although his divorce attorney has been steadily negotiating for custody, neither Charlie nor his ex-wife Brooke seem to be qualifying for the custody of their two boys. To begin with, Charlie is a self-declared drug addict and has been scoffing at the idea of visiting a rehab center. Similarly, his divorce lawyer also provided documented proof that his ex-wife Brooke was an unfit mother too because of her own cocaine addiction!

Recent Developments

In recent developments, the kids were moved out of his home once Brooke produced a restraining order after she declared in court that Charlie had in fact threatened to stick a penknife in her eye and even vouched to cut off her head. Over a period, Charlie and Brooke and their respective divorce attorneys have been negotiating over the issue of the custody of their children. However, the talks have fallen apart because Brooke now wants a monitor to be present when the boys are living with Charlie. According to her, she does not want the women in Charlie’s life to participate in any form of parenting exercise for her children.

Now that the negotiations between Brooke and Charlie have not pulled through, both parties will be taking it up in court. And, it is likely to be a rough outing for the judge who would be handling the case.

However, the general public sentiment is residing on the wave that none of the biological parents are in fact well placed to undertake the responsibility of the kids! People at large are of the opinion that such custodial battles most often do not keep the best interests of the kids in mind! They would perhaps be better off living elsewhere, away from the public eye and the associated negativity.