Arguably one of the best shoe designers in the world Steve Madden has recently experienced a falling out in his marriage. According to his divorce attorney, the uncoupling is mutual and amicable. Madden is popular worldwide and was even portrayed by Jake Hoffman (son of Dustin Hoffman) in the film Wolf of Wall Street which starred Leonardo Di Caprio. This movie was fallacious personification on what Wall Street is really like.

As reported by Daily Mail, the shoe aficionado apparently fell in love while he was in prison where he served a 31 month sentence. He met his wife and she would visit regularly for business meetings. He had asked her to marry him in a place that would not exactly qualify as a romantic back drop. He proposed in a visiting room in Federal Correctional Complex in Ocala, Florida, where he was being held. The couple has three children together and they maintain that despite their going separate ways, they are still great friends and share a very amicable and supportive relationship. They were together for a decade.

Madden’s wife was also his very first employee

As per his own account, his now former wife Wendy also happened to be his very first employee almost twenty five years ago. They were both dating other people at the time but got romantically involved as they would meet often in prison. This was before the amazing site was built but it does not mean that anyone going through a divorce cannot benefit from the fantastic local attorneys found on this site.

The divorce comes at a time when a documentary detailing Madden’s life after his release from prison is being filmed and he is actively involved in its making.

Madden also made it known that he was not very pleased with how he was portrayed in the movie the wolf of wall street, he said the actor playing him was nothing like him and looked too geeky to ever be able to pull off Madden’s authentic style.

Man marches on to attract awareness to subpar divorce legislation

A man identified as Patrick Glynn has embarked on a foot journey that lasts a grueling 574 miles. The walk starts in Vacaville and goes along on the Pleasants Valley Road towards Fairfield but then he goes south.

As per a Daily Republic report, from Sacramento all the way to Los Angeles, Glynn walks on in hopes that his walk will shed some light and make the public aware of the sad state of affairs as far as divorce laws in the state are concerned. He should walk around in California also for the high taxes and punitive ways they treat small business.

California is a sad place

His discontent primarily has to do with how kids are taken away from parents, he confessed that while his case personally did not prohibit him 100% from seeing his children, he still does not get to spend as much time with them as he would like to. He says some people don’t get any time at all and that it is very unfair. According to him, kids are seen as some sort of property by family courts in divorce cases and the spouse that gets custody of the kids also usually gets all or most of the money.

Glynn has estimated that his journey will take him 37 days to complete. He calls it the walk for lost kids.  According to his divorce attorney, this isn’t the first time Glynn has resorted to walking, apparently he walked for the same reason last year during fall and the success has motivated him to do it again.

Meanwhile, as reported by, veteran TV and movie actor Ed Asner, is moving ahead with a divorce after eight years of separation from his wife, Cindy. The 85 year old actor tied the knot with Cindy in 1998 and then separated after nine years. Asner was briefly in the news in 2008 when he attempted to stop his wife’s temporary spousal support. Divorce documents indicate that the couple sorted out the financial aspect of the divorce in 2009 but did not make any move to end the marriage until 2015.