An abusive relationship is an understatement when it comes to the marriage between Giorgina Cimino Nigro and her 32 year old husband, Vito Nigro, as reported by

In 2009, Giorgina’s divorce attorney filed divorce papers on her behalf. The details and allegations in these documents were absolutely appalling and in retrospect, maybe should have been taken much more seriously. The divorce petition claimed that Vito Nigro was a habitual gambler and drug user who would return home in a volatile and violent mood after having lost money in card games and would take his frustration out on his wife by beating her.

Call the police!

Shockingly, the documents also accuse Vito Nigro of having smashed a chair over the back of Giorgina while she was pregnant with his child. In another instance, allegedly, Vito rammed Giorgina’s head into their car window which caused her severe migraines and bruises. Vito is said to have once gotten into a physical altercation with his neighbor.

When Giorgina attempted to defuse the situation, Vito pushed her away and later punched her in the side of the head which caused her to lose her hearing for a couple of weeks (apart from other painful complications). Supposedly, the severe physical beatings were all for “answering him back”.

Vito now faces first degree murder charges in the 2014 death of Giorgina. He has been accused of having slashed her wrists and literally bludgeoning her to death. Giorgina also alleged that Vito and his mother were “on the same sinister side” and forced her to work at a hair dressing saloon without paying her, they had confiscated her banking privileges and would withdraw all of her salary for themselves.

Vito made allegations too but who believes him?

Vito, now a suspected murdered, had his own share of allegations against Giorgina. He too had filed for divorce claiming that his wife was guilty of adultery and even theft. He alleged in his filing that Giorgina had extra martial sexual intercourse with a friend’s uncle while she was married to Vito. Furthermore, he alleged that Giorgina had stolen his mother’s identity, subscribed to credit cards, and ran up debts on those cards of up to $40,000.

They lived together after the divorce?

Their divorce was finally granted in 2009 but they continued to live together, now, the tension between the two was even more heightened. Vito’s mother was contacted via telephone by a journalist seeking comment, she hung up abruptly.

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