Los Angeles, CA- “The View” host Sherri Shepherd is accustomed to the spotlight, but she may be getting more attention for her divorce than she bargained for as the outrageous prenuptials Lamar Sally requested have been revealed and her ex-husband is seeking custody of their nine-year old son.

Prenuptials can be a great way for the rich and famous to protect their assets during a divorce but sometimes people add amendments that take things a bit too far. That’s exactly what Lamar Sally did after her and Shepherd had already tied the knot in 2011.

TMZ got a hold of the Shepherd and Sally’s prenuptial in which he made some ridiculous requests.

One amendment stated that Shepherd should recognize Sally as the man of the household and should “respect my husband’s opinions.” It also demanded that Shepherd “always speak well of her husband.”

Another request demands that Shepherd “enjoy having sex with her husband” and “crave intimacy” with him that is “uninhibited and free” between the sheets.

The final request states that Shepherd should exercise “at least three times a week,” and she maintains “a healthy body weight.” That’s not an unusual request for a prenuptial agreement, but Sally isn’t exactly fit and trim, so this demand about Shepherd’s appearance hints at hypocrisy.

Naturally, Shepherd rejected the amendments, but her prenuptial does include a provision that requires she pay Sally $60,000 in the divorce.

Prenuptial requests often center on a spouse’s appearance and the couple’s sex life, but Sally’s demands are a bit over the top. It’s no wonder their marriage didn’t last.

On top of his other requests, Sally is seeking to have the prenuptial agreement thrown out on the basis of fraud. This will be a heavy lift for a divorce lawyer, but it isn’t impossible.

Sally filed for separation and is also seeking sole custody of the unborn child the couple is having via a surrogate.  Shepherd is also seeking sole custody of the child who is due in July. But this isn’t the only custody battle she is facing.

In July of last year, Shepherd’s previous husband Jeffery Tarpley filed for an emergency modification of their custody agreement, alleging that Shepherd is neglecting their nine-year old son, the New York Daily News reported.

Tarpley’s petition says Shepherd’s schedule is so demanding that she can’t take care of his basic needs and accuses the TV-host of surrendering her son’s care to “unskilled nannies.”

Tarpley states in the petition that his son, who has special needs, is unable to “tie his shoes,” and can “barely write.” He accuses Shepherd of being incapable or providing for the boy’s basic educational needs and failing to provide him with a “nurturing environment,” according to the New York Daily News.

Shepherd and Tarpley will be appearing in court to determine custody in July. As for Shepherd’s divorce from Sally, it is shaping up to be a nasty battle that could take months or years to settle. The decision in her custody battle with Tarpley could have a bearing on the custody fight with Sally.

With these two legal battles before her, Shepherd undoubtedly has a tenacious and accomplished divorce attorney on her side.