The Shelby County Reporter published a story related to the negative effects that divorce can have on children.

Local towns coordinate to make families aware of parental alienation after a divorce

Some local municipalities in Alabama have dedicated a week to awareness about parental alienation. This dangerous form of alienation is defined as an attempt by a parent of a third party to interfere with, or destroy relationships that a child may have with one or both parents. This kind of alienation is a common side effect of a tense divorce and parents who are constantly arguing with each other. The day will be observed in some towns in coordination with the Alabama Family Rights Association where ten minutes will be taken at noon to release “bubbles of love” in support of the cause. 

Parental alienation is now classified as a form of emotional abuse that can have traumatic long term effects. This is mostly seen in families that are either divorced or intact where one parent tries to come up with irrational reasons why a child should reject a relationship with the other parent, without any legitimate reason to do so. This phenomenon regularly occurs during and after custody disputes and other crucial events that are associated with divorce. Sometimes, if the court gets involved and makes custody determinations that limit a child’s relationship with the affected parent, this can make the situation even worse. 

The Exchange Club of Shelby County was also working with the family rights association to coordinate awareness efforts and publicize the issue. 

Divorces and effects on children

A divorce will affect all members of a family in some way. Finances, living arrangements, and other crucial parts of a person’s life will be changed permanently. A child may have limited access to one parent, which can cause stress, emotional problems, and the phenomenon of parental alienation that is discussed above. Over the years, it has been noted that children of divorced parents do experience long term issues that can follow them into adulthood.

Minimizing the possibility of a turbulent divorce

Despite these potential problems, there are ways to minimize the possibility that a divorce will cause serious problems for both spouses and their children. One of the best ways to transition out of divorce is to get legal help from an attorney early on, and plan a strategy that will limit time spent in court and arguing, while creating a smooth transition into a new life. Family law courts and attorneys have worked over the years to come up with ways to make this process more efficient than ever before.

Speak with a local divorce lawyer

There are attorneys in Alabama who serve clients in Shelby County and nearby areas. Use the listings on to find the right lawyer for your situation. 

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