Fort Meyers, FL-Hilary Duff isn’t so sure that love can last forever as she opens up about her split from hockey player Mike Comrie. And perhaps, Duff, who filed for divorce last month, will have some pointers for The Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec who

Duff revealed her somewhat cynical view of love to Cosmopolitan, for an upcoming, telling the magazine she didn’t want to “sound bitter,” but she doesn’t “know if people are meant to be together forever.” Who’s to say?

Even though the actress may not have an overly romantic viewpoint of love, she said she and Comrie were very happy together at first. But three or so years in, it just wasn’t working and they decided to go their separate ways last year, according to the Huffington Post.

Duff also told the magazine that she and Comrie are co-parenting their 3 year-old son.

It appears as though Duff’s and Comrie’s divorce will go smoothly and we can only hope the same goes for the impending divorce of The Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec who told TMZ this week that he and his wife of nearly 25 years, Diane Plese, split up last year and they will soon be divorcing.

Herjavec, a Croatian-born entrepreneur, said in a statement to TMZ: “Human relationships are so difficult. I wish nothing but love and peace for our family as we move forward from this.”

The couple has three adult children so that won’t be an issue, but his wealth might be. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Herjavec is worth approximately $200 million and under law, his estranged wife is entitled to half.

We don’t know if Duff or Herjavec had prenuptial agreements what they expect from their divorce settlement, but celebrities and business people are pretty savvy when it comes to divorce and have something to teach others.

For one thing, celebrities almost always have a divorce attorney to draft up a prenuptial before they tie the knot and always have one on their side when they need to untie that knot. Prenuptials allow a couple to decide before their marriage ends who will get what and how child custody will be determined. Prenuptials can be challenged, but it’s difficult and many choose to honor the agreement. Not all celebrities or wealthy people have prenuptials, but many realize these agreements are the best way to protect their interests and ensure the resulting settlement is fair for both parties.

Another wise divorcer tip we can take from celebrities is to avoid airing grievances about your ex in public or on social media. The things a person says about their ex has a way of coming out and though you may not realize it, your attitude towards your estranged spouse can impact your divorce settlement, especially in regards to child custody.

If you marriage is doomed and you know divorce is soon to follow, you should speak with a divorce attorney in Florida immediately to give you advice that will protect your interests throughout the divorce process.