Seth Peterson, who is popularly known as the “Burn Notice” star, has no qualms about plastering his girlfriend all over the Internet (perhaps she is attractive and he is proud to be associated with her). And what’s wrong with that, one may ask! There is absolutely nothing improper about publicizing your personal life and it is all about your individual choices. Well, as divorce attorneys observed, this public display of affection would have been just fine if Seth did not have a wife who is pregnant!Seth Peterson and kylee

Is he sane?!

The Bizarre Affair

The news was broken just a few days ago that Kylee Cochran, Seth’s present wife, has approached divorce attorneys and is seeking legal separation! And, the timing for the separation could not have been better. Kylee is reportedly 3 months pregnant with Seth’s third child! Seth is 43 years and their marriage is 12 years old! And if this is not enough, the reason for the divorce is none other than Seth’s 22 year old girlfriend, Miranda, who is an aspiring writer.

She should be writing about her immoral activities and law breaking. She is an adulterer!

So, basically, a middle aged father of 2 and would be father of 3 has decided to leave his wife of 12 years for a 22 year old damsel who happens to be the center of his life at present. This is nothing but shocking, explained divorce attorneys who have been following the case closely.

And what does Miranda have to Say?

On top of this, Miranda has been painting the town red with her newfound love affair! She has been pasting pictures all over Facebook declaring that Peterson and she were now an official couple. Miranda’s friends are equally surprised and baffled at her excitement. They even told her that he was a married man! However, Miranda seems to know it all and has no problems with it!

Now she is about to be a mother and she does not even have a job. Is she sane as well?!

Out of Left Field

The divorce lawyer has clarified that Seth is seeking complete spousal support as well complete physical and legal custody of their kids. She has claimed that Seth has a problem with drug abuse and the kids need protection from them. Wow, where did that come from?!