One of the latest celebrity couples to divorce is Google’s Sergey Brin and cofounder and CEO of 23andMe, Anne Wojcicki. As reported by, the couple has legally divorced in a Santa Clara County court following papers filed by divorce attorneys in March. Reportedly, the couple has been living apart since 2013 after Brin allegedly got involved with a fellow Google employee.

Did Brin SEO up a pre-nup? Yes he did!

Brin and Wojcicki tied the knot in 2007 but like many other couples went through a rough patch over the last few years, as reported by Vanity Fair. They have two children and have taken measures to ensure that the kids are able to be raised by both, which is why they live close to one another in Los Altos. As reported by Business Insider, Brin was in a relationship with Amanda Rosenberg, which is said to be the cause for the split.

Incidentally, Rosenberg was also romantically linked to Hugo Barra, a former Google VP. The couple had a prenuptial agreement, which is why the divorce won’t have any impact on Google. With Brin worth an estimated $30 billion, the settlement could possibly be a sizeable amount. For the most part, Wojcicki has managed to raise $110 million for 23andMe, her human genome enterprise while Google is one of the investors.

The divorce lawyers on the site know how to handle celebrity cases – no worries there.

Rumors of Branjelina divorce in the air

According to, there is a question mark on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage. The couple who have lived together for a long time but only tied the knot in August 2014 may be seeking the assistance of divorce attorneys. Allegedly, tensions between the couple have worsened during the first year of marriage although many believe they are inseparable. Some reports suggest that a divorce by the end of this year may be imminent.

Apparently, Brad is supposed to be the one to have taken the decision and wants out because he reportedly feels controlled in their relationship. However, the couple is still committed to keeping up appearances this year and will promote a new movie, By the Sea, of which Jolie is the writer and director, while both are co-producers and co-star in the film. There may be a couple people see this movie. Many people are still trying to forget they ever saw Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

Divorce and debt – who takes responsibility?

While some celebrity couples don’t have to worry about debt after splitting up, divorce attorneys say that it is a major issue that couples must seriously consider. Debt is divided just like marital assets are and is treated like any other possession. However, divorce attorneys say it is prudent to understand how debts are divided before entering divorce proceedings. This allows a couple to plan ahead with a clear peace of mind.

In the case of credit card debt, the important factor to consider is whether the card was under a single or joint account. In most cases, both spouses are considered partially responsible for debt irrespective of the type of account. However, if the accounts are separate, only the person who the card belongs to will be responsible for the debt. Nevertheless, things are more complicated in case of division of mortgage. One party may have to buy the other spouse’s equity in the house. Most states offer a number of options when it comes to the mortgage.