Lawyers representing Senator Colburn and Alma Colburn have issued a statement saying that their divorce has been resolved and the court records will be unsealed on March 1st.

Could not Restrain Himself

Richard Colburn’s wife Alma Colburn had filed for divorce in December stating that he was having an affair with his 26 year old former aide. The 64-year-old senator was accused of adultery in the divorce filings. The 26 year old must have some sort of agenda or perhaps she is delusional. This is an incredible case because of the age difference. It fascinates psychologists on how someone so young can be attracted to someone so old.

His Fault

Senator Colburn’s attorney had asked that the case be heard confidentially since it could hurt the Senator’s public career. In February a judge ruled that the case would be heard confidentially and also ensured the striking of all case records in the online file management system of the court.

However, the documents released now also show that Alma Colburn has contested the sealing of the records and said that elected officials should also be treated as equal and cases regarding them should be made transparent to the public. In line with this, the records dealing with the divorce case are expected to be made public on March 1st.

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Suitable Outcome

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