Ft. Lauderdale, FL- For most people, the decision to file for divorce was not an easy one to come to and it certainly is not an easy thing to go through. Even after careful consideration and planning, nearly half of all couples regret their decision to divorce according to a recent survey.

In the UK study, 54 percent of couples surveyed said they regretted their decision to divorce, stating they miss and still love their partner, the Daily Mail reported. For the survey, researchers questioned 2,000 men and women in the UK.

Of those who had regret, the feeling began almost immediately and it was so strong that 42 percent of respondents considered attempting reconciliation. Some couples did give their relationship another go and 21 percent were still together.

One in five respondents said they immediately regretted their decision, while 19 percent said they regretted asking for a divorce a week later, according to the Daily Mail. Others took longer to come to the realization they didn’t really want a divorce , with 1 in 10, saying it took them at least a year to regret their divorce.

Top ten reasons couples regret their divorce, according to the Daily Mail:

  1. Miss their former partner
  2. Feel like a failure
  3. Still love their partner
  4. Realize they were being unreasonable
  5. Feel lonely
  6. They discover the “grass isn’t always greener”
  7. Former partner moves on with someone new
  8. Realize they are not better off alone
  9. Divorce damaged the relationship with their children
  10. Children’s lives adversely affected

Fifty-six percent of respondents said their separation actually strengthened their marriage and 46 percent say it helped them appreciate their spouse.

There are many decisions in life we regret, but divorce will change our lives other decisions won’t. The lesson to be learned is: Consider your decision carefully! If you are wrangling over the decision, consult with a Florida divorce attorney to discuss how the process works. If you’re unsure about divorcing, this consultation will give you some insight into how divorce works so you don’t have any regrets down the road.

Florida and 33 other states don’t have mandatory waiting periods before a couple can file for divorce so they can begin the process almost immediately. And it’s a complicated one especially when children are involved.

If you are certain a divorce is the only option for you, you may have a tough road ahead since there are issues that need to be resolved. Asset and property division along with child custody are the main issues encountered in divorce. Too many couples find that they need a third party to help them settle these issues.

Our Ft. Lauderdale divorce attorneys can work with you and your spouse so these issues are resolved with as little acrimony as possible. Your legal counsel can provide you with the support you need to assure your divorce runs smoothly and ends with an agreeable settlement.