Ft. Lauderdale, FL- On-again off-again relationships are just a fact of life and love. Leaving someone you love, despite of the issues between you, is hard to do, sometimes nearly impossible. That’s why we sometimes when we really love someone we break-up, reunite, and break-up again. We’re addicted to that person’s love so we have second thoughts about splitting or we give them second chances, sometimes third and fourth chances.

As of late, former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson had public breakup and reunion with Rick Salmon, a man she’s married twice. In July, she announced she was divorcing Salomon for the second time, going so far as to file the official documents.

Pamela Anderson’s mind who just recently asked a court to dismiss her divorce petition from Rick Salomon her third and fourth husband. Andersons’ news inspired us to see which other celebrities have done the same; divorced and remarried the same person.

One of the kings of serial marriage, totaling seven, is comedy legend Richard Pryor who married two of his ex-wives, twice! After a four very brief marriages, Pryor wed Jennifer Lee. A year later they were divorced, and he moved on, marrying Flynn Belaine. All of Pryor’s marriages were brief, so he and Belaine divorced the following year.

Pryor shied away from marriage for a few years and soon reunited and remarried with Belaine for another year until they divorced, again. He re-married Lee again in 2001, who he stayed with until his death in 2005.

Another king of serial marriage is renowned television host Larry King was married 8 times with most lasting under 10 years. But there was one of his numerous wives he liked so much he married her twice.

Larry King was first married to Alene Akins from 1961–1963, and then again from 1967–1972. He adopted her son, Andy, in 1962, and they had a daughter, Chaia, in 1969. Three years later they divorced.

King had a string of marriages until 1997 when he married Shawn King who he is still married to.

Actress, activist and iconic lady, Elizabeth Taylor, like Larry King was married eight times. However, she had only seven husbands. Her tumultuous relationship with British actor Richard Burton began when they were both married to others, ultimately tying the knot in 1964 and making it last for a decade, finally divorcing in 1974. A year apart and they reignited their relationship, spent another two years together then divorce again in 1976.

In the wilds of Detroit, before Slim Shady burst out onto the national scene, rapper Eminem, or more appropriately, Marshal Mathers, married Kim Scott. That was in 1999, four years after their daughter Haley was born and in a brief two years, they divorced. They remarried in 2006 and it was only months before they divorced again in April of the same year.

Even though they married twice, and divorce twice, neither has tied the knot with anyone else. Eminem and Scott share custody of Hailie. He’s proof that women don’t always prevail in custody hearings and that men can, and more often do, score victories in family court. It also goes to show how important it is to have an exceptional divorce attorney on your side.

Another notorious journalist and a repeat knot-tyer, is Barbara Walters, in 1981 she married Merv Adelson, and in 1984 they divorced. Just two years later, they tried marriage again, managing to make it for a few years. In total, Walters has been married four times.

Melanie Griffith, who recently announced she would be divorcing Antonio Banderas, was married to actor Don Johnson, famous for his role in Miami Vice. The two first married in 1976 when she just a teenager. It only lasted for six months and they divorced.

Griffith married actor Steven Bauer who she divorced in 1988 and reunited with Don’s Johnson in 1989. They had and daughter and stayed together for the next seven years.

Another comedian to give the same spouse another chance was Rodney Dangerfield he married first in 1949, they split in 1962 but it was brief. The two remarried in 1963 and spent the next seven years together. They had two children together.

It’s good to give people we love second chances, but we also have the understanding that sometime those chances may not always be successful and they must go through the divorce process all over again. When that happens, a divorce attorney can help an estranged spouse pick up the pieces, get a generous settlement and move on with their lives.