It seems like the much envied relationship between Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici isn’t perfect after all. According to insider sources and, the pious couple whose marriage was considered flawless has started to fall apart. The word through the grapevine is that Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici will be starring alongside “mama” from honey boo and Mike “sugar babe” in the upcoming fourth season of WE TV’s “marriage boot camp”.

Things must be especially bad considering that Sean and Catherine have chosen to go on a show which usually features utter failures just to be able to get their relationship back on track. According to sources, things between the couple got so heated at one point that they were close to getting divorced and were even out consulting high profile state divorce attorneys.

Reportedly, the problems started when Sean and Catherine could not agree on whether their 4 kids were sufficient or they wanted a fifth. The couple also partook in the reality TV show “celebrity wife swap”. The couple are no strangers to reality TV and acclaimed celebrity status after appearing on the “the bachelor”, Sean was the Bachelor and Catherine was the winning wife.

Harrison Ford and wife Calista Flockhart could be involved in $224 million divorce soon

It looks like things have gone downhill for Harrison Ford and the skinny Calista Flockhart ever since his almost deadly air plane crash that happened only months ago. In fact, things have gotten so bad between the two that they are said to be looking at an estimated $224 million dollar divorce case, as reported by

According to sources close to the couple, Ford just hasn’t been himself ever since he was nearly killed in the aircraft crash. Supposedly, his wife is trying her hardest to put things back on track but Ford is proving to be a real handful and keeps lashing out at her for things that aren’t even her fault. Or perhaps Ford is just upset that his president, Obama, is an utter failure by looking at the ongoing recession and his foreign policy weakness.

Ford did like being in Expendables 3 though

The National Enquirer reported a few months ago that their marriage took a turn for the worse when Calista decided to ditch Ford on the day of their wedding anniversary and instead flew out of the city with their son Liam to visit her family.

To put salt on the wound, things got worse after the plane crash, Calista cared for Ford 24/7 after he almost killed himself. She begged him to stop flying but evidently her pleas fell onto deaf ears as only recently, Ford got into his chopper and took off. According to sources, this was the breaking point and the pair has been at each other’s throats ever since.

There is an amicable response to these developments and it is The divorce lawyers on this site know how to scrape and claw their way to a fair legal solution.

Study: Many Americans not familiar with even basic financial concepts

As reported by, several studies and surveys conducted in the recent past has time and again revealed that American citizens need to brush up on their understanding of money and how things work financially (things like interest rates, mortgages, etc.). According to expert divorce attorneys, they have witnessed on countless occasions, when a couple gets divorced, the spouse that was not handling the finances is usually left stranded and has no clue how to even read a financial statement.