Well, in most cases, divorced couples ultimately move on in life, sooner or later. Some however, find it really difficult to turn a new leaf. Whereas socialites like Khloe Kardashian emerge from past relationships really fast, couples like Robin Wright and  take their time for sure! It has been almost three years since Robin and Sean’s divorce, stated divorce attorneys. However, it’s only now that they are hitting the town with their significant others. However, rumor mills are abuzz trying to adjudge, who indeed seemed to be at the top!

You can do Better Ben

Robin stirred up RivaBella on sunset alongside her fiancé Ben Foster (wow Ben must like older woman). He is indeed a fantastic actor and just stole the show in The Lone Survivor and Robin indeed appeared extremely elated in his company, explained a divorce lawyer friend. The pair also appeared to be a fantastic match if you are OK with an emerging actor hanging out with an older actress!

Theron is Terrific

On the other hand, Sean went to his home gala in Help Haiti with the very dashing Charlize Theron, who is now his rumored girlfriend and also extremely attractive. And what is most interesting now is that they are both judging the rebounds of each other.

Not very long ago, Robin and Ben was seen indulging in some public display of affection not very long ago. Both were seen having a great time in Toronto, when they arrived for the premiere of the Kill Your Darlings movie at the Toronto Film Festival. Robin clearly seemed to be much happier that she ever was with her ex. Penn however admitted that he was kind of blindsided by the divorce proceedings, explained the divorce attorney who was in charge. He stated that every individual needs love for going on in life and he was unlucky enough to remain deprived from it till date.

It is too bad Sean Penn supports the same people that have bankrupted Detroit, destroyed Chicago and all of Illinois, and are ruining Las Angeles. Sean believes government has the answer for everything and his philosophy is one reason why California has been economic loser for a decade.

Divorce lawyers have wished both the best in life. May they find love and build better relationships in the future, they stated. Many others believe Ben Foster was outstanding in 30 Days of Night.