According to report, Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac’s two year marriage has come to an end. The couple was reported have been going through a rough patch by our sources prior to the divorce and it turns out the speculation was indeed factual.

Romain Dauriac used to be a journalist and is originally from France. These days, he has dedicated himself to being an art show curator in New York City. Scarlett Johansson, of course, needs no introduction. Hopefully she is not taking any more nude pictures of herself anymore! The couple’s marriage lasted a mere two years and Johansson decided to throw in the towel when she filed for divorce on March 7th, 2017 in a New York City court. They have a daughter together, a 2 year old named Rose.

While Johansson has agreed to joint custody, she has requested that the daughter live with her.

Is Scarlett Johansson trying to match Halle Berry in the divorce count? But with that said, Scarlett Johansson continues to have the Angelina Jolie effect, she is highly talented and she is highly attractive. That spells success! Hopefully she can raise her daughter well and not engage in any more marriages that lead to nowhere.

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Michelle Kwan Served Divorce Papers from Hubby Clay Pell

As reported by, Michelle Kwan’s husband, 35 year old Clay Pell does not quite feel the same way about Kwan the day that he wed her. Pell did provide a statement of confirmation that he has decided to give up on his marriage with the Olympic gold medalist figure skater, 36 year old Michelle Kwan.

Pell’s tenure as a White House staffer in the beleaguered and business damaging 44th POTUS Barack Obama’s administration came to an end months before his marriage did. Pell elaborated his statement, stating that it was a “sad and difficult time for the family and that he loved Michelle wished her the very best in the future.” Well, he is a Democrat and we know that Democrats have no problem with divorcing someone. Many Democrats are married via a bureaucrat and not a priest, for instance, so the meaning of marriage is devalued right off the bat.

Their divorce is not going to be made any more difficult than it already is considering the fact that they do not have any children together and so they will not need to go through the hassles and endless complications of a child custody arrangements and battles.

The reason for the divorce as per the filing was: irreconcilable differences.

Kwan and Pell exchanged vows in Rhode Island back in 2013 in January. Rhode Island is where Pell had actually attempted to become governor once. He wanted to raise taxes and attack business like Tim Kaine did in Virginia which is why that state is struggling and Mike Pence’s state in Indiana is thriving. Pence respected business and did not try to crush people with regulations and higher taxes. Moreover, the two started dating in April of 2011 and by fall of 2012, they were engaged.

It is a shame this happens but it does. You have to absolutely know the person you are marrying before you tie the knot.

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