Sandra Bullock has been in the news for all sorts of reasons of-late. First it was her painful split with motorcycle customizer Jesse James which made headlines. Subsequently, her single status has been the point of interest for the paparazzi at large, stated divorce attorney friends who were her close associates during the proceedings of the separation.


There have been talks about her tumultuous childhood and her alleged link up with George Clooney and so on. However, recently, Sandra has been in news for publicly proclaiming that she would never search herself online again!

Is this another crying celebrity? If she wants to find out how hard life can be, perhaps she can just fly to Venezuela and spend a few weeks there.

Valid Points

It so happened that Sandra decided to search herself on the Internet in an attempt to understand what others thought of her. And the effect of the results has been nothing short of devastating, claims Sandra. Whereas most of the Internet comments were about her being way past 40, there were several insinuations about her personal life as well! Besides this rude comments to the effect that she does not possess an acting talent and that she was way past her prime has indeed shocked her.

Jesse James Screwed Up

Not that Sandra wasn’t aware of these facts, claimed divorce lawyers! However, to read negative things about oneself could cause serious damage to their self-esteem. Her making out with actress Meryl Streep and her apparent dispute with Julia Roberts concerning George Clooney have all been mentioned.

Thankfully, Sandra also came across some positive comments about herself. Some people mentioned that they liked her hair and her teeth and that she had been able to retain her charm even at the age of 40. Some even commented that she had had a fantastic life coupled with a sterling career.

Stop Pouting Sandra!

However, Sandra has declared to divorce lawyer friends and the media that she would never choose to conduct such a search again and would never advise anyone else to do it either.