If you need spousal support or alimony, speak to a divorce lawyer in California to see what steps you need to take and how to get the support you need.

San Diego, CA- A divorce can financially destroy a spouse, especially if they focused on their marriage, home, and children instead of their careers. In many cases, the spouse who put their career on hold to devote their time and energy to their family becomes financially dependent on the spouse who earns more. In this article, USAttorneys will discuss alimony or spousal support in San Diego.

What is spousal support? What is alimony?

Both are essentially the same. The primary difference between spousal support and alimony is the term used. Alimony is spousal support awarded to ex-wives, but that term is not usually applied to men who are awarded spousal support, which happens more than you might think. According to the FiveThirtyEight blog, established by well-known statistician Nate Silver, women make more than their husbands in 38 percent of American heterosexual marriages in the U.S.

A person’s ability to earn, their monthly income of the duration of a couple’s marriage are all taken into consideration when determining spousal support or alimony.

Is spousal support temporary or permanent?

An estranged wife or husband can seek temporary or permanent spousal support. It can be awarded for a few months or several years, as long as it takes for the lesser-earning spouse get their finances back on track and ensure their children have the financial support they need.

Permanent spousal support is awarded indefinitely, and a spouse continues to receive payments until their financial situation improves or they remarry. Typically, alimony or spousal support is paid monthly, so that the recipient can maintain the standard of living they enjoyed while married. Support amounts can be increased or decreased as circumstances dictate but that requires a court petition.

If you and your spouse plan on divorcing and you are eligible for spousal support, USAttorneys can connect you with a divorce lawyer in San Diego, California. They will use their experience and skills to get you an agreeable divorce settlement.

How is spousal support determined?

There are several things that will be taken into consideration by the courts when trying to determine the amount of support a former spouse should be awarded. The everyday living expenses of each spouse, their annual income, and earning potential are just a few things that are taken into consideration. Courts also take into consideration the length or a couple’s marriage, each spouse’s earning potential and will determine if a spouse can work or must stay at home to care for a couple’s children.

If you have any questions about spousal support, you set up a consultation with a divorce lawyer in California to examine the details of your case. An accomplished divorce lawyer can determine if you are entitled to spousal support or child support and what steps you need to take to get the support you need.

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