Pope Francis will be making his first visit to the United States in September 2015. The religious event to mark this visit is the World Meeting of Families. Already the event, which is meant to promote love, joy, and further church teaching on marriage, is drawing attention, but for all the wrong causes.

There was no Adam and Steve, just Adam and Eve

According to a report by KBOI2.com, the organizers are trying to limit the role played by Roman Catholic transgenders, bisexuals, lesbians and gays, while this LGBT group is fighting for more involvement. The stage appears to be sent for confrontation between the LGBT community and those that believe the Catholic doctrine that marriages can occur just between men and women which is what has worked for thousands of years and is the only way a child can be produced.

While the event is going to take place in Philadelphia, the ripple effect is far-reaching. Divorce attorneys in St. Louis said the visit of the Pope has brought the LGBT unions and divorce under the microscope. The organizers don’t want the World Meeting of Families to be a platform for organizations that have views and beliefs contrary to the Church and hence, groups supporting gay marriages are being denied space to put up stalls. Also, the only gay speaker in this conference is a celibate gay.

Pope Francis has upset a lot of conservative Catholics in America by not talking about the Church’s marriage values, by focusing on climate change which will only kills jobs and is a ploy to increase the government’s scope, and seems to have very little business sense. But the Pope has gone on record to state same-sex marriages and relationships are against the teaching of the Church.

The beliefs of Catholics in the US will be tested considering same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court. Some supporters of LGBT rights claim that gay couples can be welcomed into the fold of the Church just like those Catholics who are divorced or use birth control.

From marriage to divorce

Just like the Catholic Church doesn’t believe in divorce under most all circumstances, there appears to be a problem in certain states, such as Missouri. The Pope’s upcoming visit has prompted St. Louis divorce lawyers to go back to a divorce case in 2014 wherein a gay couple who had got married in a state where gay unions were legal, but lived in Missouri found it hard to get a divorce when they decided to call it quits.

An article published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch talks about how a gay couple was denied a divorce by the lower family courts in Missouri. The couple, known by their initials, M.S. and D.S., tied the knot in Iowa in December 2012. Nine months later, the couple separated and finally M.S. filed a petition for a divorce, which was denied by the family court much to the dismay of the St. Louis divorce attorney. Many people wonder why they just did not drive or fly back to the state that married them to seek the divorce?

The judge ruling the case claimed that since both parties were male, there could be no valid claim for a divorce. A divorce lawyer, who knows about the case, said this case was not about recognizing the union; it was about dissolving the union.

Still in limbo

Both M.S. and D.S. have acknowledged it is not feasible for them to go to Iowa and file for divorce. Hence, all eyes have turned to the Missouri Supreme Court that is set to rule on this case. One divorce attorney in St. Louis hoped the Supreme Court would take a broader approach to the case. At the moment, the fate of these two St. Louis gay couples rests with the Supreme Court and one has to wait for the ruling to find out about the outcome.

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