Family law is messy, complicated, and heartbreaking.  The problems that people face when seeking out a family lawyer are not ones that anyone ever hopes to contemplate.  No one gets married with the expectation or hope that they will get a divorce.  Parents do not have children together hoping that they will have to work out custody and visitation arrangements or arrange for child support.  Birth mothers do not get pregnant with the hopes of giving up a baby for adoption.  However, these problems do occur, and ignoring them does not make them any better.  The only thing worse than 10 years in a bad marriage, is 10 years and 1 day in a bad marriage.  Failing to formalize custody, visitation, or child support arrangements puts children at risk in the event that parents stop being able to cooperate with one another.  Finally, adoption offers many birth mothers a hopeful solution to unplanned pregnancies.  While the problems that bring people to a family lawyer may be stressful, their solutions can not only ease stress, but also help bring joy and happiness to families.

In fact, one of the critical components of family law is understanding that, in many instances, even when there is a divorce, spouses will continue to be family members.  Co-parenting children as a divorced couple has the potential for even more conflict than being in a bad marriage, but it also has the potential to allow divorcing spouses to become what they once were: friends.  On the other hand, sometimes you discover something that means an ex-partner is too toxic to be in your family, and you need a divorce attorney in Salt Lake City who is not afraid to fight to protect your family. The Law Office of M.E. Wilcox P.C. is ready to help you.

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