Ryan Kavanaugh, the Hollywood media mogul, is all set to divorce his ballet dancer wife, Britta Lazenga, according to divorce attorneys who claim to be close to Hollywood circles. Ryan, the founder of Relativity Media, is a Hollywood bigwig and his marriage to Britta in 2011 saw the who’s who of Hollywood in attendance!

Big Money, Big Names

The ceremony which was organized in Capri was attended by Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, Ryan Seacrest, and Leonardo Dicaprio! A media spokesperson has confirmed the news of the split, explaining that the couple has been in separation for the last few months and are soon to be begin on divorce proceedings with the aid of their respective divorce lawyers.

Perfect Timing

Sources close to the couple have also revealed that Britta and Ryan still remain the best of friends. The separation was their mutual decision. They are in the process of divorcing amicably. Conflicts seem to be absent. Kavanaugh has been known for his romantic demeanor. He had proposed during the super bowl at half time, with a huge 3 carat diamond ring to offer.

Kavanaugh has produced several renowned Hollywood films including Don Jon, Out of the Furnace, and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (why Daniel Craig was in this movie is beyond many people who read the book). Recently, Ryan created quite a flutter when he emerged from the Golden Globes holding hands with Minnie Driver. She is still around? However, sources explained that they were just pals. Many people believe he could so much better.

No Pre-Marriage Class – Another Divorce

Ryan brought Minnie to the Golden Globes. They became close since she stars in the relativity film Blackbird. They are nor dating, explained their friends. Lazenga is a ballet dancer Los Angeles Ballet. She is also a choreographer. Since the couple does not share kids, there would be no custody issues involved in the tussle. The proceedings are bound to be peaceful. However, the actual reason behind the split is still not known. It would be prudent to seek more inputs on the actual reasons responsible. Or not!