Lansing, MI- Last fall, when the ex-wife of American oil Tycoon Harold Hamm was awarded $1Billion, it was hailed as one the largest divorce settlements in history. But the divorce of Russia’s wealthiest man may very well eclipse that settlement as the nickel tycoon’s estranged wife is asking for a $7 billion settlement.

CNN Money reports that Vladimir Potanin and his wife of 30 years finalized their divorce last year, but she was unhappy with the paltry amount he offered her and believes she deserves more. Initially, Potanin’s estranged wife was offered $250,000 a month in maintenance and three properties in London, Moscow and New York.

Natalia Potanina says she deserves more and is taking steps to secure a better settlement. She alleges that most of the wealth her husband accumulated running the world’s largest nickel mining companies, Norilsk Nickel, is being held in offshore accounts and she’s going after them, according to CNN Money.

Natalia has begun a legal battle that crosses international lines. Potanin’s divorce attorney says the settlement she received was enough.

Natalia says that under Russian law, she is entitled to half of her ex-husband’s $15 billion empire. But if she is awarded the settlement she is seeking she plans to give her shares of Norlisk to the state, so her children understand the value of money.

If Natalia’s bid is successful, Potanin won’t be the first Russian oligarch to pay out a billion dollar divorce settlement.

Last year, Dmitry Rybolovlev, Russia’s fertilizer king, was ordered to pay his former wife $4.5 billion to settle his divorce.

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