Sydney, Australia- Three-time Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle have filed for divorce after nine years of marriage.

Crowe and Danielle have known each other for 22 years but didn’t get married until 2003. Previous to their nuptials the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement which would award her $15 million if the marriage lasted of three years, but the Sidney Herald reported that Danielle could receive close to $25 million since Crowe’s wealth has increased significantly; he is now worth $150 million.

The pre-nuptial also stated that Danielle would keep possession of the $14 million family home and has custody of their two boys. According to the Sydney Herald, the couple set up a $3 million trust fund for their two sons.

Although the couple announced their divorce, they did not state the reason for their split, leaving some to speculate that Danielle’s friendship with her dance instructor could be the reason. After appearing on an Australian version of “Dancing with the Stars,” Danielle began spending a great deal of time with partner Damien Whitewood, which she chronicled on her Twitter account.

The news of this split shocked many in Hollywood who though their marriage had staying power despite the rigors of their careers.

Since the couple has a pre-nuptial agreement their divorce may transpire without a drawn-out battle. However, if one partner decides that they are not pleased with the final settlement, in the U.S. it is possible to have a divorce attorney challenge the pre-nuptial and fight to get a more favorable settlement.