Los Angeles, CA- Two months after Russell Brand finalized his divorce from Katy Perry he is still rationalizing why his marriage failed.

The British comedian spoke with Australia’s 60 Minutes and explained, “Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it don’t. But if you sort of sense there’s an incompatibility, then in any relationship, regardless of the status of the individual, it kind of is best that you go your separate ways,” Celebuzz reports.

Brand went on to allude to their different religious views, which many speculate, played a part in their split. Perry is a devout Christian and Brand is not a religious person.

“I think if you’re someone who’s really into mountain biking, it would be good to go out with someone else who’s into mountain biking, and if you are really into Eastern mysticism go out with someone else who’s into Eastern Mysticism.”

After a whirlwind romance the couple married in a traditional Indian ceremony, but their marriage lasted only 14 months. Though their divorce could have entailed a contentious battle for their divorce attorneys, but Brand had decided earlier on that he would not be asking for any of Perry’s money. 

Their divorced was finalized on June 30th.

When relationships begin couples are often under the spell of hormones that make their partner seem like the one, and hastily rush into marriage only to find out that they were not compatible.