Their break-up and divorce was termed a “conscious uncoupling” due to its amicable nature. The celebrity couple got hitched in 2003 after meeting backstage at a Coldplay concert in 2002. The couple has two children together and they have expressed their love for their children and their respect for each other even after their separation.

Paltrow in the Iron Man movies never worked out well

Pictures of the Coldplay front man and Paltrow vacationing together in Mexico sparked speculation that they were getting back together. However, these rumors were immediately shot down when sources confirmed that they were definitely still slowing opening the divorce door.

Both celebs have been seen together, some may say romantically, with other stars. Chris Martin has supposedly been in an on-off relationship with Jennifer Lawrence (who is not as skinny as Gwyneth) and Gwyneth Paltrow (who is not a patriotic American nor does she not care that America spends more money than it has) with 44-year old Brad Falchuk who produces Glee.

It has been reported that the couple are very close to property and custody settlement and their divorce attorneys will be looking to wrap up the divorce as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Urologist defaces tombstone amidst heated divorce proceedings

A Moneka Urologist Dr. Robert Bonzani has really crossed the line by vandalizing the grave of his wife’s divorce attorney’s deceased daughter. It has been reported that the divorce proceedings got so heated and full of contempt that it led the enraged doctor to target a grave site in a deliberate and intentional attempt to cause his wife’s divorce attorney emotional pain.

Bonzani, who holds offices in both Orland Park and LaGrange, is out on a $10,000 bail but is set to return to court in Jolliet at 9 am on Saturday. The doctor has undoubtedly made life worse for himself and could face a felony charge resulting in a maximum prison term of 3 years for felony stalking. Apart from the possible felony charge, he has also been accused of defacing the tombstone with spray paint and stealing sentimental memorabilia from the gravesite.

Amendments set to ease divorce proceedings in the State of Maryland

Maryland legislators have proposed bills that are currently awaiting review by committees. The State is known for its uptight tough laws which are a little harsh compared to the rest of the nation. According to divorce attorney, in Maryland, except in the cases of adultery or ferocious behavior, divorce proceedings can only begin after the couple has been living separately for a minimum period of a year.

Law makers specializing and experienced in family law have recognized this time period as volatile, they claim that this time of separation is usually when all the mischief happens. Therefore, the law makers have proposed a bill which would essentially let a couple begin legal divorce proceedings as soon as they mutually agree and come up with terms for alimony, property and child custody matters. The proponents claim that this added incentive will ensure, at least to an extent, that the couple will be motivated to find some middle ground. Competent attorneys can help feuding couples to reach amicable terms. can help you find such attorneys without much hassles.

5 time NBA champion’s wife claims she was sucker punched by her husbands divorce filing

Derek Fisher, head coach of the Knicks, filed for divorce from his wife Candace Fisher last month. In new reports that have surfaced regarding the matter, the NBA stars wife has said that she was completely unaware and unprepared when her hubby dropped the divorce bomb on her.

Candace Fisher claims that Derek was unreachable and would not reply to any of her messages for almost two weeks before filing for the divorce. The couple have 8 year-old twin children together.