The latest among celebrities to walk down splitsville is actress and TV personality Rosie O’Donnell. The actress has filed for divorce from estranged wife Michelle Rounds.

She was also fired a short time ago because Barbara Walters and others on The View could not stand her. O’Donnell’s knowledge on what made America great and that a handgun can save a woman’s life is seriously lacking according to critics. O’Donnell does not have a spouse or a job now as America falls further past the $18 trillion in debt mark because of the people and the causes O’Donnell’s has supported politically.

Divorce attorneys earlier confirmed that the couple had separated in November last year while O’Donnell filed for divorce at the end of February in New York’s Manhattan State Supreme Court. The couple had adopted a 2 year old girl named Dakota. O’Donnell and Rounds, a New York City executive-search consultant, wed in June 2012 and have agreed to share custody of their 2 year old daughter.

Sage Kelly divorce – A fiasco of a divorce trial

A fiasco of a divorce trial recently ended with a settlement of an undisclosed amount. Children were the worst sufferers in this horrible trial as Justice Matthew Cooper who handled the divorce case said.

The judge added that the behavior of Sage Kelly, head of health care investment at Jefferies & Co. in New York City and his wife Christina Sage, was horrible and that he felt bad for the innocent children.

Allegations and counter allegations on cocaine use, and sexual escapades were the highlights of the public trial when Christina’s affidavit in their divorce was made public. A cocaine fuelled foursome she and Sage had with Marc Beer and his girlfriend at Ritz Carlton, Boston was described in graphic detail by Christina in her affidavit. Why did it have to be explained at all?

Christina has a history of DWI when she crashed her vehicle into a telephone pole in May 2010 while driving with her two daughters in the backseat. She was also caught on video using cocaine in July. These were the reasons Sage was awarded custody of his two daughters and Christina then chose to counter sue for custody, which became public knowledge. Christina, you are a terrible mother! You almost killed your daughters!

Victoria Smurfit files for divorce

Another celebrity couple to file for divorce is Victoria Smurfit and husband of 15 years Doug Baxter. The couple, who moved to LA four years ago, has filed for divorce in California. The three kids are their highest priority says Smurfit who refused to discuss the divorce further. Smurfit and Baxter met at an awards ceremony and tied the knot in July 2000 in Surrey. Victoria is now well known in California after her appearance in the NBC series Dracula which according to many people is not worth watching at all.

The benefits of an Arkansas uncontested divorce

According to Arkansas divorce attorneys, an uncontested divorce is one of the easiest ways for a couple to part. In such a divorce, the couple agrees on major issues such as parenting time and responsibilities, child support, alimony, the division of assets, and more. In many cases, the couple do not need to make any court appearances when filing the paperwork. Couples with minor children or significant assets can opt for an uncontested divorce provided they are able to agree on these major issues.

Any negotiations could take place through a mediator such as their divorce attorneys or themselves if they are able to communicate well. Having an attorney is the best way to ensure that either party does not risk giving up any substantial legal rights.