Going through a divorce or getting through a divorce can be a very difficult time for some. It might have you feeling lonely, sad, depressed, and vulnerable as you aren’t quite sure how to cope with the feelings you are experiencing right now. While it might take you some time to get over this obstacle that managed to make its way into your life, there are some important things you need to be aware of following Valentine’s Day.

After watching hundreds of people post photos on Facebook and Instagram of what their Valentines’ Day was like with their loved one, you might be feeling a bit disappointed or unhappy as you spent the day that is supposed to be spent with someone you love, alone. While this is typical of many who are recently separated or divorced on or after Valentine’s Day, it is also a common time for scammers to “swoop” in and prey on vulnerable individuals who may have celebrated the day alone, coercing them into wiring thousands of dollars to them.

How do you know if you are being scammed? Below we explain what romance scammers are now doing and why recently divorced individuals should be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior detailed below.


Here’s how someone who is recently divorced falls victim to a romance scammer.


According to CBS 4, it starts with you. If you are someone who constantly updates your status on your social media accounts and isn’t shy to express how down your divorce has gotten you, romance scammers are out there watching. They look for profiles of people who are going through a tough time, knowing they will be feeling vulnerable and easy to prey on. They contact you via Facebook or another social media outlet and begin with the smooth talk to catch your attention. They probably have an attractive profile picture too so you might be thinking to yourself, “this is too good to be true.” And in most cases, it is.

Unfortunately, this unusual amount of attention consisting of flattering compliments causes you to cling on to their every word and you to become more inclined to do what this person asks of you. That’s what happened to Heather, who was recently divorced and a mother of two. She was contacted by someone via Facebook and after chatting with them online, he gave her a sob story about how he “needed money to get through customs in China” and how “his mother was dying.” She first sent him $300, then $100, and then another $200. Before she knew it, she had sent this man, or scammer should we say, $12,000.

Unfortunately, social media exposes you to many types of people, even those who don’t have your best interest in mind. So, if you are going through a divorce or just had yours finalized, don’t become a victim to one of these romance scammers. If someone asks you for money, seems too good to be true, or asks you to take the conversation offline, beware. Upon meeting someone online, be sure to research their photo and profile to see if the material they are giving you has been used elsewhere.

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