Robin Thicke may have separated from his wife, the spectacular and gorgeous Paula Patton who starred in Two Guns and DeJaVue, but he is still feeling the heartache. So much so that he is now trying to woo her back, as he revealed to his fans recently. And his strategy for winning his girl back—floor her with some soulful tunes.

Trying to Sing His Way Back to Her Heart

Robin Thicke had cancelled three concerts after he split from his wife. When he finally took the stage, he wore his heart on his sleeves. He belted out a romantic number, Lost Without U, which he admitted writing for his wife and dedicated it to her. Robin also wore his wedding ring during the entire length of the performance. Why did he divorce her in the first place?


Saying it with Flowers

Robin Thicke proved that he can be one persistent man when it comes to wooing his lady love back into his life. He was not only content penning and performing gushy sentimental numbers for his estranged wife. He even bombarded Paula Patton’s home with gorgeous flower bouquets. On the day of Robin Thicke’s concert, expensive-looking flowers were delivered to Paula’s West Hollywood home. Though the delivery men did not divulge the identity of the sender, it is rumored that Robin Thicke is relying on flower power to change his wife’s mind.

Following Her to the End of the World

Well, not really to the end of the world, but definitely to Canada. Robin Thicke pursued Paula Patton all the way to Canada where the actress was filming her next movie. But Paula was not impressed.

Many feel that Paula Patton is justified in remaining unmoved by Robin Thicke’s attempts to persuade her. After all, any wife would be outraged by Thicke’s now-infamous twerking routine with the sloppy, vain, and egomaniac Miley Cyrus at a concert. Paula also felt insulted when a photograph showing Thicke cozying up to socialite Lana Scolaro (who is not even close to Patton’s equal because that is actually impossible) and groping her behind was posted on Instagram. Paula had every right to be upset with this fool named Thicke.

Meanwhile, fans of the stunning actress are wondering if the separation will ultimately lead to a divorce. Thicke made a massive miscalculation in judgment.