New York, NY- March isn’t shaping up to a good month for singer Robin Thicke. He just lost a court case and must pay Marvin Gaye’s family over $7 million after he lost a copyright infringement lawsuit. And this week, he and estranged wife announced they have come to agreement on how to settle their assets and who will get custody of their son.

TMZ reported that Patton filed the documents Tuesday, letting the courts know she and Thicke came to a satisfactory settlement. But the couple will have to wait until April 14th for their divorce

Although the settlement is private, TMZ said there are indications that Patton may be getting primary custody of their 4-year-old son Julian.

Patton filed for divorce last October, several months after she and Thicke separated. They also came to terms about spousal support and asset division so they can now move on with their lives after a long and widely publicized separation.

Patton and Thicke were high school sweethearts, but didn’t get married until 2005.

The couple separated in February of last year allegedly because of Thicke’s infidelity. In interviews he denied his marriage broke down over cheating. He told Hot 97 that there were a host of reasons they split, saying, “There’s a long list…I changed, and I got a little too selfish, a little too greedy and little too full of myself.”

Thicke tried as hard as he could to reconcile with his love of 20 years, going so far as to name his 2014 album Paula after her and titling the main single “Get Her Back.” His overtures failed and now their marriage will be a done deal in a matter of a few weeks.

Nothing kills a marriage faster than cheating since the majority of couples find it difficult to get past the betrayal. Some couples have this misconception that infidelity will get them a larger divorce settlement, but a New York divorce attorney will tell you otherwise. When it comes to a divorce settlement, the courts aren’t really concerned about infidelity unless it somehow endangers the well-being of a couple’s children. A person’s emotions say they deserve more because of the betrayal, but that isn’t how the courts see it.

That isn’t to say that infidelity has no bearing on a final divorce settlement. Cheating can have an impact in settlement negotiations where the majority of divorce cases are settled. If the cheating spouse was somehow guilty of bad conduct, abuse or neglect, they may be asked for a larger settlement for the pain they caused.

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