Greer, SC- Actor Richard Gere and his estranged ex Carrey Lowell made an appearance in divorce court last week to discuss their divorce settlement.

The New York Post briefly spoke with Lowell’s divorce attorney, Robert Cohen who told the paper the couple were in court over money.

Gere, 64, and his wife of 11 years actress Cary Lowell separated in September of 2013 because they wanted to pursue different lifestyles. She likes the limelight while he likes his privacy.

They have reportedly agreed on custody if their 13-year-old son, but they are still trying to settle the asset and money issue. There is a great deal of cash and some pricey pieces of property are at stake.

Lowell’s attorney has said in the past that she gave up her career to raise their son so she would like her fair share of the marital assets. Gere is worth up to $100 million, according to the New York Post.

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Lowell isn’t the only “Law and Order” alumni to currently be enmeshed in a nasty divorce. Actress Stephanie March who also played a prosecutor in the popular crime drama show is splitting from renowned chef Bobby Flay after 10 years of marriage.

March, 40, is also ready to challenge the prenuptial agreement she signed when the couple married 10 years ago which awards March $5,000 a month in spousal support for the next five years. This is not enough for March because she says she played a role in her husband’s success and is ready to challenge the prenuptial agreement so she can get a better settlement.

Prenuptial agreements can be challenged and overturned, but it is a difficult, costly and time-consuming endeavor. They key to avoiding a costly challenge to a prenuptial agreement is to have an attorney look over the terms and make any changes before it is signed. Far too many people hastily sign prenuptial agreements without making certain they can live with the terms in the event of divorce.

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