New York, NY- This has been a somewhat slow week for celebrity divorce, but aging sex symbol Richard Gere appeared in divorce court this week and it appears that Khloe Kardashian’s divorce from Lamar Odum is getting messier since he still refuses to sign divorce papers.

This Thursday the couple appeared in court, and according to the New York Post, the couple never spoke to each other so it would appear their split drove a huge wedge between the two. After a brief meeting in the chambers of the NY Supreme Court, the estranged couple left the courtroom.

Gere, 64, and his wife of 11 years actress Cary Lowell separated in September of 2013 because they wanted to pursue different lifestyles. Gere, a practicing Zen Buddhist for the past 40 years, reportedly craves privacy while Lowell, best known for her role in “Law and Order,” likes the attention that accompanies fame.

The couple have a number of assets to divide, which includes a posh residence in Bedford, New York, and they also have to settle custody issues over their 13 year-old son to iron out. But Lowell asked the court records pertaining to their divorce be kept secret so it’s unlikely we will get the dirt on their divorce settlement.

In interviews following his split from Lowell, Gere said his acting performance improved.

This will be the second divorce for Gere who was married to super model Cindy Crawford and the third divorce for Lowell.

The ongoing divorce drama between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odum is, well, ongoing and shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

Khloe filed for divorce ten months ago, eager to move on with her life and on to a new man, but Odum has yet to file his response to her divorce petition. What’s more, Khloe hasn’t heard from Lamar in several weeks, leaving her with in divorce limbo.

Lamar previously said he wasn’t ready to let Khloe go so he refused to sign the divorce papers, even though Khloe began dating other men.

A source told People Khloe has been trying to track down her estranged husband with no luck so Khloe now has a tough choice to make;  she can either have her divorce attorney file for a Request to Enter a Default, or a Request for Dismissal.

A Request for Dismissal means both the divorcing parties have decided to dismiss proceedings and remain married.

A Request for Default is issued when one of the divorcing parties refuses to sign off on the divorce within 30 days of the initial filing or one of the parties cannot be located. With this option, a judge will settle Khloe’s divorce by granting her settlement requests outlined in her original petition.

Divorce is never easy; they are typically complicated affairs that can drag on for months over child custody and asset division. A divorce attorney can simplify the process and guide the parties to a successful resolution so they can get in with their new lives.