It seems like Bethenny Frankel’s ugly divorce is here to stay for at least a while. Financial issues and her divorce have combined to put the TV star under immense stress this year and have caused her to even breakdown and cry in a recent interview, according to

Bethany said that her 8-year old daughter Bryn was her biggest worry and confessed that her nasty divorce with Jason Hoppy was unfair on the little girl and that she was going through a really difficult time watching her parents getting divorced in such a hostile manner.

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel’s net worth to be affected by divorce

Even though her net worth is estimated at a handsome $25 million, money is still an issue for the RHONY star. Her net worth maybe significantly affected by her divorce according to expert divorce attorneys. After she sold her popular drink line called Skinnygirl for over $100 million, it has been calculated that her current net worth is $25 million plus she has around $611,503 worth of assets. At the time of her marriage with Jason Hoppy, his net worth was $475,000.

Laws designed to help out woman backfire on them

As the battle continues and the end is nowhere in sight, a family court judge has ordered Bethany to pay her former husband $100,000 for his legal expenses. Apart from the $100,000 she has also been paying Jason $12,000 every month as spousal support and an additional $3,000 as child support which is supposed to go towards her daughter Bryn’s educational and living expenses.

Bethany and Jason are also the joint owners of an apartment in Tribeca and it is yet to be seen which one of them will walk away with the apartment as the divorce proceedings unfold. However, Bethany has purchased a new apartment in Soho and is currently in the process of renovating it. So she has money still for renovations?

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Divorce – a stressful yet trick time in life

Studies have shown that going through a divorce is just as stressful as losing a loved one and even more stressful than being neck deep in debt. Not only is it the end of an intimate personal relationship with your spouse but it also comes along with issues of alimony, child support, spousal support, asset division, and estate planning which require a lot of meticulous planning, as reported by Florida Today.

All these issues combined will undoubtedly prove to be nearly impossible for anyone going through a divorce to cope with as it is not easy to focus all your thoughts on such matters when you’re emotionally vulnerable.

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