Beverly Hills, CA- When news broke that Adrienne Maloof and her husband Paul Nasif would be divorcing things seemed like they would work out without an overly heated battle, but People reported that things have heated up over child custody.

The custody battle has been tainted with allegations of child abuse, insults and gun-wielding, putting their three children in the middle. Although the couple initially stated they wanted to settle through mediation, the custody battle will now have to go before a judge.

Nassif originally asked for joint custody, but Maloof countered his request by asking for sole custody. Maloof accused her husband of having a violent temper and has “shoved” her to the ground, “pulled her hair,” and “yelled” at her. She also alleges that he carries a gun in his briefcase, which he leaves unlocked … (and) the children are afraid of him.”

Nassif admits to having the gun and said he turned it in to Beverly Hills Police. He also stated that he owned the gun legally and obtained it to protect his children.

Maloof also claims that in an August trip to the lake, Nassif was drunk and one of their children almost drowned. However a friend of Nassif’s said he was close to the children during the entire outing and had just one glass of wine prior.

Nassif said his wife verbally and physically abused him and that she is “unpredictable,” “physically violent” and that her behavior is “toxic” to their children.

It can be difficult for a judge to unravel accusations in a case like this and make a decision based on the best interest of the children. A skilled divorce attorney can present a strong case that can help the court decide who is more capable of caring for the couple’s children.