Some spouses refuse to adhere to their divorce settlements, leaving their ex-husband or ex-wife no choice but to seek court assistance.

Divorce lawyer in Dallas, Texas discuss what steps to take if your estranged spouse isn’t complying with your divorce settlement

Dallas, TX- Reports allege that actor Johnny Depp recently skipped a $6 million divorce settlement payment to ex-wife Amber Heard. That is not an uncommon practice even when a person can afford to make their spousal or child support payment. USAttorneys will discuss what options you have if your estranged spouse

Johnny Depp’s case

A New York Daily News report claims that actress Amber Heard filed court documents alleging her Depp did not make a scheduled support payment last month and had so far refused to sign the final divorce judgment.

The NY Daily News also reports that said Depp hasn’t given Heard access to his property to retrieve her belongings or given her the title to a Range Rover she uses.

Heard filed for divorce from Depp in June of 2016, accusing the actor of spousal abuse. The couple agreed to a divorce settlement of $7 million which Heard vowed to donate to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

If Depp doesn’t sign the final judgment, Heard has a court date slated for the beginning of next year to force the actor to comply with their initial agreement.

It is not unusual for an estranged spouse to refuse to sign divorce papers or fail to make settlement payments.

A spouse faces wage garnishment and jail if they fail to make child support payments.

What to do if your ex isn’t complying with a divorce agreement?

If your ex-husband or ex-wife is not complying with the divorce settlement, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a divorce lawyer in Dallas, Texas to help you file a court petition. You must file a petition for contempt to get your estranged spouse to comply with your divorce settlement.

In most cases, a court order will and fines will be sufficient motive for your spouse to comply with a divorce settlement. It is not criminal to ignore the terms of a divorce settlement, so divorce courts can only continue to sanction.

A Texas divorce court can force an estranged spouse to comply with their divorce agreement.

If you estranged spouse is missing child support payments, state authorities will act on your child’s behalf and force them to pay. When it comes to child support, the family court has means to get a non-compliant parent to pay including wage garnishment and incarceration.

A divorce settlement is legally binding and one a couple signs one they are bound to the terms. If a spouse has a legitimate reason for missing a support payment, an agreement can be changed through the proper channels. Divorces can be bitter and acrimonious, so some individuals refuse to honor their divorce settlements. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you contact a divorce lawyer in Dallas, Texas to explain your options. USAttorneys can help you find a local attorney who will get results and make certain your ex-spouse honors their divorce agreement.