There are two routes in which a divorce case can go. Contested and uncontested. When a couple cannot agree on how assets are going to be split, child custody, etc., it is considered a contested divorce. However, when a couple doesn’t need the courts to step in and assist with these types of matters that arise once a divorce is agreed upon, it is considered an uncontested divorce. Although there is a process already set it place by the state on how divorce cases are handled, those involved in these types of circumstances should in fact have a Nashville, Tennessee divorce attorney available to answer any confusing questions and ensure rights as a spouse and parent are accounted for when decisions are made.

While the process of filing and finalizing a divorce generally stays the same, certain steps in the procedure can change. With the new year finally here, The has highlighted a change that have come into effect as of January 1, 2017. It appears the Tennessee Supreme Court has adopted new forms for uncontested divorce cases involving minor children.

Filing for divorce can be rather difficult, however, these new forms are expected to make the process easier for some.

The ultimate goal of creating these new forms is to help “simplify divorce proceedings” for those who fall under this category and meet certain criteria. Anyone who meets the following requirements can use these forms to file for divorce.

  • You must have minor children with your spouse.
  • All aspects of your divorce must be agreed upon, including child support.
  • You cannot have any retirement accounts.
  • You do not own any property, such as land or a home.

Using the Forms to File for Divorce in the State of Tennessee

Access to legal aid isn’t always available which is one of the reasons why these forms were developed. They “provide a much-needed resource to some of our most vulnerable citizens,” such as those who do not have access to justice resources. The forms are also written between a fifth-to eighth grade reading level so that most citizens can read and comprehend the information on the forms.

Although there is an effort to make the divorce process a little easier, it is always advisable you hire a divorce lawyer in Tennessee who will ensure all forms are correctly filed and you meet all obligations on your end. Divorce tends to be a sensitive subject and it is often impossible for some couples to reach any sort of agreement. That is where Cobb & Waites Attorneys at Law come into the picture. These reputable divorce lawyers provide their legal services to those residing in the state of Tennessee and can help make the process of filing for divorce much smoother.

Whether you are in the midst of a contested divorce and cannot agree on issues such as child custody or your case falls under uncontested, you may want to take advantage of obtaining a free, no-obligation consultation from a family law lawyer at Cobb & Waites Law today. Knowing the facts and laws surrounding your divorce can make a world of a difference on the outcome.