Country music singer, songwriter, and actress Reba McEntire has announced that her marriage to Narvel Blackstock is coming to an end, as reported by The couple was married for 26 years and their relationship was thought of as bullet proof by her fans, who are shocked at the revelation. The announcement comes only weeks after country music stars and couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert shocked their own fans when they announced that they were on the brink of divorce.

Since then, X-Factor coach Blake and his supposedly adultery committing wife Miranda Lambert have gone to large measures to seal the details of their divorce from public and paparazzi alike. This is probably because their divorce attorneys which could have been discovered on the fascinating legal website gave them this advice. If you have seen Nightcrawler with Jacob Gyllenhaal, you know you do not want anything to do with the paparazzi.

A cordial separation

In the case of McEntire and Blackstock, things are a little different. The pair released a joint statement in which they clarified that while their marriage was over, they still remain good friends and the divorce proceedings will be mutual and amicable. Furthermore, they have also expressed that they will continue working together professionally, like how they have for the previous 35 years. This is exactly how the best Volusia County, FL divorce attorney would draw it up.

The couple has requested that their privacy during this highly personal time be respected. They have a son together. Not only is Blackstock the father of McEntire’s son and her husband, but he is also her manager and producer and will continue playing these key roles in McEntire’s life.

According to sources close to the couple and their divorce attorneys, unlike most high-profile couples that claim their separation is amicable, Reba and Narvel’s break-up truly is amicable. In most cases, celebrity couples claim everything is good despite divorce, and only a few days later the ugly truth surfaces as they launch campaigns to smear each other’s character and reputation.

Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith headed towards divorce?

The word around town is that one of Hollywood’s most iconic couple, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, are headed towards divorce, according to Supposedly, the two have already come to agreement on the terms of the divorce which is said to protect their jointly owned fortune worth nearly $240 million.

Will Smith could have had anyone

The same sources have also said that the only reason Will and Jada have stuck it out for so long was for the sake of their two children, but it seems like the two just cannot tolerate it anymore and have decided to call it quits. Some people find it amazing that Will Smith ever chose to marry her in the first place.

Divorce attorneys – why it is important to hire a good one

Everybody knows the role of a divorce attorney; they assist clients going through a divorce with the legal process which is extensive. Of course all stellar Volusia County, FL divorce attorneys have studied law and passed the state bar exam, but that certainly does not mean all are the same. In fact, some of them may aggravate your issues instead of alleviating them.

On the other hand, there are many qualified and experienced Volusia County, FL divorce lawyers who can make something as negative as divorce a much more tolerable and sometimes even pleasurable to a certain extent. Therefore, it is prudent that you do a bit of research and choose a reputed lawyer to represent you.