TV personalities who starred in the reality television series ‘teen mom 2’ are set to divorce. According to sources, Jeremy Calvert has filed for divorce from wife Leah Messer. Reportedly, Calvert served Messer with divorce papers in a parking lot. Previously, Messer had left town to indulge in drinking and partying with her friends in Tennessee.

Sources say that the relationship which was under strain for the previous two months finally buckled under pressure when Messer’s drug addiction issue added to their problems. Messer is on her way to a rehabilitation center for her addiction to prescription painkillers.

Speculation has it that MTV producers are backing her efforts to get over the problem. In fact, it is believed they are even paying for her treatment as they do not want her ending up like other TV stars in the past who went too far down the rabbit’s hole to be rescued. See Whitney Houston! Michael Jackson!

Messer has 5-year old twin girls with her ex Corey Simms and a 2-year old daughter named Adalynn with Calvert. It is common knowledge that Calvert’s divorce attorney is going to request for full custody of Adalynn since Messer is headed to rehab. If you want to find an outstanding local divorce attorney, look no further than

Hollywood star Russell Crowe still hopeful his marriage will work out

New Zealander Russell Crowe shot to fame in North America and achieved immense success in the movie business. He married Australian vocalist Danielle Spencer in 2003. The couple met and started dating in 1989 when they had worked together on the set of the film ‘the crossing’.

Ever since the very beginning of their love life with each other in 1989 they have had an on-again off-again kind of relationship and that seems to be the trend even now after 25 years.

As per a report in the Daily Mail, currently, they are living separately but remain close for the upbringing of their two boys Charles and Tennyson, aged 11 and 8, respectively.

Crowe has publicly stated that he loves Spencer and that hasn’t changed since the day he laid his eyes on her. He is still hopeful that they may reconcile. On the other hand, Spencer referred to the amicable divorce of her parents and their relationship post-divorce and said that she would aspire to achieve that kind of a relationship with Crowe.

Technically, they are still married.

Divorce attorneys – why you should hire one!

It is not uncommon for anyone going through a divorce to be tempted to take up all legal obligations themselves in order to avoid legal fees. A lot of people have chosen to stroll down this route in the past, with very limited success.

Here are some reasons that outline why exactly you need a divorce attorney like Cundy and Martin, LLC and what exactly they bring to the table.

To begin with, it is scientifically proven that the human mind cannot cope under too much stress. Performance of the brain when exerted under excessive stress declines rapidly. It is obvious that anyone going through a divorce will also be experiencing high amounts of stress, which is why it is crucial that you don’t try to tackle the legalities and technicalities of divorce on your own. You are simply setting yourself up for failure especially with things like alimony, child custody and property at stake.

An experienced divorce attorney is indispensable. A court will accept any and all divorce documents that you file personally but there is always going to be a risk of unwanted outcome due to inevitable ambiguity. However, an experienced divorce attorney will know the exact jargon and terminology to pen down to get the court to produce a divorce decree the way you desire.

Another issue with filing divorce documents and paperwork yourself is that it is going to waste a lot of precious time. Inevitable mistakes will need to be reviewed and documents will have to be resubmitted every single time, something that can be totally avoided with the help of an expert.

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