Phaedra Parks, a reality TV star that is featured regularly in the reality television series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, which premiered in 2008, has been involved in a little bit of a predicament with her husband Apollo Nida.

As viewers of the TV show will be well aware, their marriage has been weakened and in danger for sometime now. But on the latest episode, Parks makes it no secret that she is done with Nida.

No personal responsibility

In one of the previous episodes, Parks’ incarcerated husband showed up at their house and tried to intimidate Parks when he was actually supposed to be reporting to his prison sentence. This incident made it rather obvious to the followers of the TV series that their marriage had hit a rough patch but Parks took weeks after the occurring episode to finally get her divorce attorney caught up on the latest events.

It is now common knowledge that Apollo’s outburst was because Parks had refused to deposit money into his prison account while he was locked up. He should have obtained a job and saved up some funds himself.

Apollo Nida has to serve an 8 year sentence for several different types of financial fraud. He also owes $2 million in restitution. Parks was not by his side during his hearing which only supports the claims that the couple are on the brink of a divorce.

It has also been reported that the incarcerated Nida consulted his divorce attorney even before Phaedra consulted hers, thinking that this move may come in handy for future custody battles.

Collaborative divorces on the rise in New Jersey

Did you know that a divorce proceeding can be associated with harmony and peace? Yes! According to the firm believers of the new “collaborative divorce” a couple can go separate ways without any adverse feelings towards each another. This is something Tom Cruise should have thought of.

Last year in New Jersey the Family Collaborative Law Act was passed making New Jersey the 9th among the eleven states where a collaborative divorce is a legally recognized practice.

The Collaborative Divorce approaches a divorce as not only a legal proceeding but also an emotional and financial occurrence. This mind set encourages couples to keep an open perspective and negotiate rationally for the most favorable outcome for everyone involved. As opposed to a traditional divorce, all parties are seated in a round table which diffuses the feelings of opposing sides.

Collaborative divorces will not drill a hole in your pocket

This type of a divorce proceeding can also prove to be very effective in cutting costs as it believes in appointing common specialists for both parties. For example, let’s consider a case where the value of a business has to be estimated due to a divorce.

What traditionally happens is that the wife hires an accountant, the husband hires an accountant and then the judge hires a third accountant to verify which accountant made a correct and unbiased estimate, which then results in the parties involved having to bear the costs of all three specialists. There are also collaborative divorce attorneys that are big proponents of the system.

In much the same way, with the help of joint financial and marriage experts, couples with children can come up with a mutually agreeable co-parenting plan and hence this type of divorce also minimizes the effects of divorce on children and their future.